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the-occult-experience-cover-3d-largeIt is our natural inclination as individuals to quest for knowledge. Many of us seek the Occult Experience:


In a highly technological society, it sometimes feels like there’s nothing out there but a mechanistic and cold world, one devoid of any kind of spiritual or magical properties. Proof of the reality of a world that is far more spiritual and magical can be found through the Occult Experience. Many have sought information and techniques that might be able to give them the proof that they need; they have looked towards the New Age movement and all sorts of other fields and religions in order to find a way to prove the existence of the paranormal.


Many who have had interesting experiences in the past, look for ways to be able to duplicate that experience. There can even be those that could be considered adept in certain occult fields, but even these individuals find that the techniques that they know tend to only give them marginal success, and are therefore looking for better methodologies that can guarantee success in reaching the paranormal.


Some are professional investigators, that are using modern tools and scientific techniques, that yearn for ways to be able to access the cryptic phenomena that they seek. They want to be able to prove to themselves and to the world that the paranormal is quite real and valid. Many of these professionals are frustrated because of their inability to provide substantial and quantifiable proof of the existence of the paranormal. The techniques presented in this book should allow you to get some of that proof.


“I have read many many books on psychic development. This is the only one that has ever worked for me. Amazing, Thanks!”

— Del Carmen, G.


The book presented here shows methodologies and techniques that can provide, those who are serious, ways to truly find the occult experience that they seek!

We all know and feel it in our gut that the paranormal world is out there, that it is valid and will provide the next step in human consciousness evolution. Unfortunately the methodologies currently used are essentially flawed and as a result there’s great frustration in those that would like to experience, and to prove to others that this hidden world is real, that there are different and more profound ways to sensually experience the world all around us.


The book “The Occult Experience” shows you concrete ways to discover the magical world all around us. Learn how to see ghosts, angels, UFOs, criptids, and other paranormal phenomena.


“I wanted answers. This book is it. I tried one of the techniques and I’m getting results already!”

— Rae, M.

These are very real and powerful techniques to:

  • Increase your awareness
  • See more of the electromagnetic frequencies all around us
  • pass through the veil into the magical realms of the paranormal
  • increase the power and scope of the intellect
  • understand the cage the traps all human awareness and discover how to break free of it



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