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You must learn to be as flexible as possible when you’re trying to accomplish your goals. Life is a very difficult thing to predict. This is so because life is not a closed system; what this means is that random events and random things can be introduced into it at any time. If you are not able to predict something then it is very wise to always remember to stay flexible so that you can change in accordance with changing circumstance.

Always remember to hold your goals lightly. Never put your head down and march straight without deviation. Doing so will not allow you to change course when you need to and this rigidity of course can make success impossible. Always ask yourself; where can I be more flexible? By asking yourself this on a regular basis you are able to see many more of the options that are available to you and in this way give yourself a wider variety of probable actions. Never commit to anything too quickly or you will be caught with your head on the road while something comes along from the side and slams you completely off course.

You must be prepared to change if circumstances change. In order to discover these changing circumstances you must be continually aware of the things around you. Stay sharp and focused on the changing things around you and always be prepared to change yourself. Life has many variables in these variables can become actuality with great speed. Nothing is ever simple or as straightforward and predictable as many would like you to believe. Be prepared to steer around the storm instead of trying to plow through it.

It is possible that you might need to change your goal completely. Sometimes we look at things and they seem quite possible and quite doable but as we begin our journey we realize that these goals and final destinations are not as attainable as we once thought. Never let your ego get in the way of abandoning a goal if this goal is not attainable at the moment. Sometimes we allow ourselves to see things that aren’t really there and to fool ourselves into believing that we could accomplish things that are quite difficult just to appease our vanity. Don’t let peer pressure or external influence convince you that you must try something that you know you are certain to fail at. Practice good strategy and stay objective so that you can react flexibly when you need to without letting your pride get in the way.

It is also possible that you will need to change the steps to get there. A goal in many ways is really a journey and this journey has different routes. Sometimes the route needs to be changed, which means that your goals might need to change. With different goals the steps that are needed to attain them might also need to change, be prepared to make these changes quickly. Even though some things seem as stable as geography, do realize that terrain changes very quickly on occasion. It is possible that your motivations might change and that you might need to re-evaluate. You must constantly re-evaluate your current desires and motivations. As your motivations change so do your resources and the amount of time and effort that you can put into any particular goal. As things change with time it becomes imperative that you take regular breaks to re-evaluate the map leading to your goal. If they have changed, and therefore changed the terrain leading to your goal, make sure that you are willing to flexibly change whatever you need to in order to get your goals accomplished.

Regular stress is a sure sign that you are not making the correct adjustments. Give yourself permission to take a break in to re-evaluate so that you can make the correct adjustments in order to reach your goal in a quicker and easier fashion. It is a well-known fact that the most flexible species is always the species that will continue to survive. As the world around it changes, the species that is most flexible is able to readjust itself and survive under changing circumstances. Learn to be flexible in your goals and in this way you will find success rather than failure.






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