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As a leader you must be perfectly clear about the fact that you have to tell other people what to do. Leadership basically means that you set the course; this means that you are the one that says where you and your team will go and what you and your team will do to get there. Since you are the head of a group, team, or organization, you are the one in charge of giving orders and making sure that others do as you say.

Good leaders never command through fear. Any leader that believes that he can control and command others through fear will have a very short career. Fear only creates antagonism and resistance, and leading this way is very draining. I leader that tries to get others to do things through fear and angst, will only create a self-defeating atmosphere that has no possibility of accomplishing anything but self implosion.

A good leader always commands through motivation. He begins by creating trust and letting those below him know that while he is the leader he is not better than them. He then motivates them through passion and internal desire to accomplish whatever the leader needs to be done. In this way his unit develops cohesion and a type of internal fortitude that allows his team to withstand any obstacle. It also gives his people the motivation to always give 100% in whatever they do.

In order to lead your team through motivation, you must find out what drives them. You must have enough awareness to find their likes and dislikes. A good leader must involve himself or herself in his teammates so that he or she knows exactly what to do to get them to perform at their best.

A good way to find your teams motivation is to ask them:

What part of the work you like?

What part of the work you dislike?

What do you think your work style is like?

Do like working with other people?

Do you like working in teams? Why?

What do you think you’ll be doing in 10 years?

What are your values? What beliefs are important in your life?

It is very important that is leader understands his people. Each individual belief, value, and opinion is important and will set the standard for the dynamic of any group environment. Each individual must be treated with respect and in accordance to his or her wishes. The leader must make compromises and must know where he can push in order to make sure that all is done in the best way possible.

Perfect leadership is like no leadership at all. What this means is that the perfect leader seems to not actually lead, here she just naturally opens the way and lets her people perform in their natural manner. This type of leadership requires incredible intuition and the ability to place your team just right so that they accomplish what needs to be done through their own internal desires and motivation. If you can manage to lead your people through the correct motivation, you will develop an incredibly loyal team that will do anything you ask of them.






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