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Always try to build alliances. An alliance is a cooperative venture that you make with someone else or a group of others. This cooperative venture allows you to accomplish things that you are not able to do on your own and to overcome barriers far more easily.

In alliance should always be a win-win scenario. Whenever you make an alliance with another group or individual, make sure that you are always in a win-win scenario. Of course you always want to align yourself in such a way that you are in a winning position, this after all is the reason for most alliances. You must always also try to make sure that those that you align yourself with are profiting as much as you. This is very important because any alliance that is developed through crooked methods will always cause you far more grief and hardship than help.

You can save yourself a ton of work if you are willing to associate yourself with the right people. Good advice is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes just a simple sharing of information can create strong alliances that help both parties.

The most natural way to create strong alliances is to just be nice to other people. There is no better way to create wonderful cooperative ventures then to be respectful, giving, and good hearted. Basically if you are nice to others, others will be nice to you. There is no need to develop a cloak and dagger attitude where you see the entire world as a harsh and competitive environment. By simply being kind to others, by being empathic, and by finding out and giving others what you think they need, you develop natural relationships and alliances that are very strong. With an open heart you give naturally and your strategy becomes the strategy of no strategy.

Many do not wish to give of themselves as I have stated above. This is the case because they believe that they will be hurt, and that alliances created in this way can be dangerous. But if you look at the situation, and really contemplate how you create alliances, you will see that this is one of the most logically powerful ways to create good and powerful cooperative ventures. This is so because alliances created in this way have a deep biological basis. All of nature creates and cooperates in this way; and as natural creatures ourselves, we too have a deep biological imperative to be part of cooperative ventures where win-win is a natural conclusion.

It is a popular notion that the world is a competitive environment where everyone and everything is out to destroy and eat the other. Scientists have discovered that this is not correct and that all of nature functions as a cooperative whole where everyone and everything gives as much as it takes. Think about a driver driving on the road; this driver is not able to drive properly if he or are she cannot trust every single other person on the road. Now if you think about it, you might tell yourself that it’s dog eat dog out there and that you are usually screaming at one guy while watching some other guy to make sure that you’re not being struck. But the reality of the situation is that if everyone else on that road did not cooperate, there would be no way that you would be able to get anywhere. Even though there is a lot of argument and profanity on the road, underneath this antagonism there is respect and trust. Nothing can be built or maintained for any length of time without a cooperative venture where all involved believe that they are getting what they want and that they are being treated fairly.

A good alliances always works to your benefit and will allow you to do things that you could never do on your own. A good alliance will allow you to save tons of work and to make whatever work that you have to do much easier. The best way to create a very good alliance, is to be natural and create cooperative ventures that are win-win in nature.







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