Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

Always learn the rules of every game.  Every game has certain rules, and it’s very important that you learn then before you start to play.

Learning the rules starts by learning what you are playing for.  In every game there has to be an objective, and this objective needs to be learned before you waste any energy and time. This objective is very important because it will show you which way you have to go and give you a clue as to how hard the competition will be.  Knowing the objective will also allow you to focus your energy better because you will know that goal of the game.

Knowing the rules we’ll also allow you to see how far you can go.  This is important because you don’t want to be disqualified from playing the game because of some small technicality.  It is also important because it allows you to see any gaps that others might have missed and in this way you can exploit any favor that you might have.

If others know the rules of the game but you do not, then there is a big chance that they will win and you will lose.  It is also quite possible that they will try to take advantage of you because you don’t know what you are doing.  It is therefore imperative that you know as much, and better yet, more than all your competitors.  If you do not put in that time and effort to learn these rules then you can be sure that others we’ll easily beat you.  It is a mistake to think that you can jump in and take charge just by following your intuition, natural talent will not make up for forward thinking when you are engaged in a complex and difficult game.

Take the time to know every nuance of the game.  This is what separates the masters from the losers.  Only by deeply saturating your mind with all the ins and outs, are you capable of coming up with the kind of strategy that will assure your success.  Even when the game’s rules seem too complex, it is better to at least try to learn them so as to get a basic understanding, then to go in completely blind.  The effort that you take learning the rules before you take action will always be to your advantage.

An often overlooked point of knowing the rules of the game well, is the amount of self confidence that you will develop.  Meeting the gaming field with great self confidence, not self delusion, is an incredible advantage.  A positive and strong attitude will favor a winning attitude.  When the battle is close and it is being decided by small points, a confident attitude is usually the deciding factor.

Remember then to always know the rules of any game that you must play.  This game might be played because it is imposed upon you, or because it is something you desire to do.  What ever the case, games must be played to win, or else they are truly a waste of time and effort.  There is no better way to assure your success and your joy in playing any game then to know how to play this game properly.  Learn the rules before you play and you will most likely be a winner, and perhaps a master, instead of a loser.








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