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Personal change is a big priority with many people right now. This site for example is devoted to personal change and personal improvement. The underlying belief here is that you need to make a change of one kind or another in order to improve yourself, so here is some information to help you make that change. What you must realize though is that this change that you make must be done for the correct ‘personal’ reasons.

Many for example would have you change the way that you feel, telling you that if you make this change you will increase your happiness and your prosperity simultaneously. Others would have you believe that you need to change because most of us currently have a very ‘un-politically correct’ point of view. There are different techniques to make this change happen and you can find many, many books and also many websites on personal change. I for example advocate that you should change your beliefs systems and this is the only way that you can truly make permanent change.

While I do advocate personal change I must be very clear in stating that I don’t believe that personal change is a must for everyone. Even though we would all agree that being happy and wealthy is a wonderful thing, I do believe that there’s more to life than just these pursuits. My personal belief is that expansion of consciousness is far more important in human life and that this should be one of our great if not our greatest priority. In order to make this kind of personal expansion, I believe that you need to experience the whole of life and to experience this reality properly. To do this, you need to pursue your own personal values. Following your own personal values means following your own personal beliefs and not being afraid to be truly yourself.

What I’m trying to say then is that you should not compromise on your personal values because you think that you need to change in order to please those around you. I am saying that I believe that if you wish to change because you want to make a change, that you believe that this change will better your life, then you should do so but that you should not make these changes if deep down inside you don’t believe you need to make them.

For example it is possible that you might be trying to make yourself happy while deep down inside you don’t feel happy. Let’s say that you have explored your beliefs and through exploring these beliefs you have discovered that these beliefs are good for you. That for example you believe that the majority of people are rather dumb and that you are mad at them because you see just how dumb they are. If you can understand the fact that this is just a belief that you hold, but you can also understand the fact that it is a belief that you like and that you find constructive to yourself, then there is no need for you to change this belief.

You should not change if you do not want that change. Any change that you make in yourself must come from your own deep desire and this desire must be explored thoroughly. You must discover for yourself if you are doing this for yourself or for others. It is true that sometimes the good advice of others can help us realize that we are wrong and that we should consider a change, but again you must make the final decisions for  yourself and decide by yourself then to pursue the change through that reasoning. If as you examine your desire for change you discover that you are only changing because others believe you should change, then you must be strong enough to stand firm in what you believe and to pursue your life in your own way.

Some people for example change because they are told that if they are happy, or generally in a happy state, that they will become wealthier and healthier and perhaps even wiser. If you wish to change for these reasons, then explore these reasons and make the change if you wish. This is a type of personal exploration on your part and you might choose this change in order to experiment with these beliefs, to see if these beliefs actually work for you in your life. But do not make these changes if you believe that it is the ‘politically correct’ thing that everyone must do because we must all be super happy, cheerful, and nice all the time.

If you want change, explore the desire for this change. Acquaint yourself with your own judgments and your own beliefs. Be strong enough to stick firmly to the beliefs that you believe are helping you. Know that you are a special person and that you are here to live your life in your own unique way. That you are the only person that can fundamentally tell yourself that your beliefs are wrong. Change or not as you wish and explore your own consciousness by pursuing your own values, and fulfill yourself to the best of your ability. If you do not want to change then don’t change and don’t let the world around you force you to make a change that you don’t want.








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