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Here is a simple exercise to find your personality type. This is a very good way to see if you are an introvert or an extrovert. It’s good to know what kind of personality you have because it makes it much easier for you to understand yourself. Each personality type has different needs when it comes to many facets in life. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with others and the world at large.
An extrovert wants to go out there and get his/her hands dirty. They are usually participating and often want to be seen. Extroverts have a much easier time with certain jobs and task, that usually involve a lot of human contact and dealing with the public in general. They tend, or should focus on developing their interpersonal skills and style.

Introverts like to be behind the scenes. They tend to like to fade into the background, and be part of the supporting team. Introverts prefer jobs where dealing with people is kept to a minimum and tend to focus more on jobs where technical skill is more important than interpersonal savvy. Introverts should focus on their mental and focusing abilities.

Try to answer the questions below and see whether you are a or b:

What do you feel better and more energized about;

a)    The company of other people
b)    Your own company

How would you describe yourself;

a)    Sociable and outgoing
b)    Thoughtful and purposeful

What is most important to you;

a)    Getting a reaction from other
b)    Being clear thinking

What do you hate the most;

a)    Loneliness
b)    Chaos

What do you prefer;

a)    Handling other people
b)    Achieving things

If you have checked off mostly A then you are most likely an extrovert, and if you have checked mostly B then you are an introvert.

Both personality types have their strengths and weaknesses and there isn’t one that is better than the other. There is also the possibility of change over time. We are all growing and changing as we do, make sure that you stay aware of the kind of person that you are and you follow your desires. The real important thing is that you recognize who you are, what you want to be, and try not to push yourself to do things that are uncomfortable and debilitating for you.







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