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Having other people like us can be very important. You can see how this is a very positive survival trait because the more that others like us, the more that they are willing to help us and give us what we need. Developing ways to become a well-liked individual can greatly increase your success rate both in business and in everyday life, it is therefore of great importance that you develop ways to increase your likability factor.

Becoming more liked by others can be accomplished in a number of ways but the simplest and most natural method is:

How someone feels about you is how you make them feel about themselves; this is the one key factor that you must realize whenever you are trying to be a more likable person. The above statement means that others will like you to the extent that you are able to make them feel good about themselves. If you are able to make another person feel good, especially about their self-image, the more that they will find you to be likable and positive in nature.

Most often when we are trying to get others to like us, we tend to believe that we must somehow make ourselves seem better. The reasonable approach seems to be that you must showcase yourself as being an amazing individual that deserves to be worshiped and liked by all. But this reasoning is faulty and it is most likely the case that you are confusing being likable to being attractive.

Being attractive, as in sexually attractive to the opposite sex, tends to involve many aspects of scarcity and alpha dominance. Being likable though has much more to do with your ability to make others feel good about themselves and the situation that they might be in at the time.

You can become more likable by applying the four points below:

Talk about him or her and tell her how great she is; the easiest way to get someone else to like you is to tell them often that they are great person. The more that you take the other person’s self into consideration, the more that that person will find you to be incredibly appealing and nice. Make sure that you mention the person’s name often when you talk to them as most people love to hear the sound of their own name. Make the other person feel special by telling them how special they are on a regular basis.

Make the other person feel special both directly and indirectly; if you are continually telling the other person that they are great, they will tend to get bored with you and think that you are just trying to suck up to them. Make sure that your compliments have an indirect and direct quality, that you do not overstate your compliments in an overt manner. You’ll find it amazing as to how much you can pump another person’s ego without them ever getting turned off but generally speaking it is a good idea to always take a both direct and indirect approach to your compliments of the other person. The best way to do this is to take a genuine interest in the other person and to complement him or her on those things that you truly do find interesting, exceptional or different in some way. Through genuine interest, you are able to see a broader range of the persons capabilities which will allow you to complement that person not on just him or herself directly but on the consequences that the person has on the world around them.

Be positive; if you ever begin to talk to someone and you act in a fairly negative way, you will never be able to get that other person to like you. Most people want to feel good and they cannot feel good if you’re constantly being negative and pointing out all the bad things. Having another person like you means making the other person feel good. In order to make that other person feel good you need to be able to be positive so that you can create a positive atmosphere and exude a positive energy that the other person will enjoy.

Turn whatever environment or event you find yourself in into a beautiful thing; while the ability to be positive in general has the capacity to create likability from others because they feel that glowing good energy coming from you, the ability to change any event into a positive one can have a dramatic effect on how much people like you. If for example you take any event that you find yourself in with another person and you turn that event into an incredibly positive and fun experience, you will become highly liked and a much sought after person. The world can sometimes be quite a gloomy and boring place, if you are able to create magic in any moment, then there will be many people that will be lined up to try and be around you and become your friend.

Likability is different from attraction. Being more likable has many great benefits; by being a more likable person you will be able to get others to give you what you desire and it will make you feel good because you will be surrounded by people that are genuinely interested in being in your company. You can become more likable the minute that you realize that likability has to do with how you are able to make others feel about themselves and the world around them. The more that you are able to make another person feel good about him or herself, the more that you are going to be liked and appreciated by others.







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