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Empathy is not just wishy-washy and touchy-feely business. Empathy can actually be a very useful tool that can be used by all people to expand their awareness and their functionality within their own space. Hunters for example could greatly benefit from being able to empathize with their prey. A great hunter must be able to know all the routines of his prey. He must understand his prey implicitly and be able to anticipate future moves. If a hunter could also learn to become one with the environment in which the pray besides, he or she would become even more successful. The hunter would understand how his prey fits into the ecosystem and in this way understand the infinite and complex connections that his prey has with the environment in which it resides.

If a hunter could learn to use empathy he would be able to become much closer to the prey that he is after. He would have stronger feelings and would be able to identify in a very personal way with the animal that he is after. The stronger feelings would allow his or her hunt to become much more exhilarating because of that deep understanding that the hunter now would feel for the creature that he is after.

A hunter needs to empathize with his prey. He needs to develop a reverence for life and for death because as a hunter he holds this power in his hands. Through empathy this hunter would be able to see the ecosystem that we are all a part of. He would begin to understand his place in nature as a hunter and also intimately understand the place in nature that his prey holds. Through this understanding he would be able to function in a far deeper level and he would essentially become a far better hunter.

We are all hunters is one way or another on this Earth. All life takes from other life in one way or another to sustain itself; this is a natural giving cycle where we all share in order to strengthen ourselves, people and all the creatures of the earth, in mutual cooperation. It is the case that sometimes we are the hunters and it is also the case that sometimes we are the prey. Empathy can help us to become better hunters and it can also help us to escape from those hunters when they come calling for us.

Through empathic understanding we could also learn to develop respect for ourselves and for every single living being in our ecosystem. This is a very important thing right now because most of us seem to be feeling more and more separated from our natural roots. Through empathy we can begin to understand once again our deeper connection to all other living things and through this connection can start to rebuild that sacred association that we have with the entire planet.

The people of the earth must learn to empathize with the planet. Through empathy we must all realize that when we plunder the earth we are really plundering ourselves. Now this does not mean that the hunter should not hunt or that we should try to change our nature. What it does mean is that we must revere those gifts that are given to us. We must understand so that we stop believing that we can take ruthlessly without ever having to give back.

A hunter that can empathize with his prey will be able to see himself in the prey and will be able to understand the sacrifice that this creature makes now so that he may prosper. With this respect the hunter will not treat those creatures that help to sustain him like soulless artifacts that are there for his benefit alone. He will not stick these creatures in a factory and coldly tortured them to death in order to feed himself. He will understand that they are on par with him and that he is not better than them. He will learn to appreciate the incredible natural diversely that all comes together in order to sustain him at this point in time. He will also understand that he is part, and can never be removed, from this amazing living planet and that he will also give of his flesh to sustain others in the future.







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