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We all have a lot of stuff. We all tend to accumulate things as we grow and change, which seems to be a natural consequence of our expansion in the world. We amass things as we grow but we forget to let go of those things that we no longer need. This is unfortunate because things have a way of holding us down.

Continually ask yourself; what can I can let go of? Look around, what do you actually use? Taking the time to always look around at all your stuff and answering honestly the above question can be a great way of letting go of things the you no longer need. You must also ask yourself; what is more trouble than it’s worth? Many of the things that we own were useful at one time but are useful no longer. These things can be very difficult to keep and can actually become more trouble than they are worth. Learn to let go of those things that are just too much trouble, those things that cause more pain than pleasure.

Do you actually need the biggest toy? Just because something is the biggest doesn’t mean that is the best. It is quite often the case that our ego tells us that we need to have the biggest in the shiniest in order to show off to all the people around us. The ego wants us have the biggest, the best, the hardest to get. The ego is also very selfish and does not want to share. Learn to see the impact of this egotistical perspective and see how much its causing you to hoard and accumulate things that do nothing else but satisfy your vanity. The ego has a place and it is the case that it’s wisdom can be used to your benefit on some occasions. You must though not let it have its way all the time or else you will be lost in the sea of vanity that will eventually bring you down. Realize that the ego is just a small part of you and that it’s vision can often be quite limited.

Sometimes we tend to hoard things because we believe that there is not enough. The ego can sometimes be scared because it believes that it will go hungry or that things will run out. This is very limited thinking, a belief that actually creates scarcity. This is definitely a situation where the ego is not doing you any favors and is actually creating a scarcity mentality that will have you hoarding trash while at the same time not letting you see the great plentitude all around you. remember therefore to always take this egotistical belief lightly, and to change this belief so that you begin to realize that there is plenty in the world and that there will always be enough for you.

You must continually ask yourself; what is it that I don’t need anymore? It is quite possible that in the past you might have needed something and therefore you got it. It is possible though that over time this one critical item is no longer needed. When this is the case you must be able to realize this fact and be able to let go of the old item. The very good reason for this is that if you are constantly acquiring things and not letting them go, you will not be able to get yourself better things. Things that you might actually need at this moment but you can’t get because you still have not let go of those things that you needed in the past. Stuff in many ways is like money; you must give money in order to get things and keep cycling this money so more money can come to you. If you hoard money you will not be able to make more money because money likes to stay fluid. Things and objects in our lives work in the same way; you get things, but then you let go of those things in order to get better things; by making more space in your life you create an opening that can be filled with better, newer, and more functional things.

Too much stuff limits freedom. Stuff makes us want to take care of it and this creates responsibility which really limits our freedom. Having a lot of stuff makes you worry about losing that stuff in this worry again brings you down and makes you heavy. Learn to let go of and get rid of what you don’t need so that you lighten yourself and your life. Limit how much stuff you have so that you become freer, lighter, and happier.






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