You must always face your problems. In order to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way, you must address the problem. Problems happen to all of us, and there is seldom a time in our lives when we can say that we are free of them.

While it is true that we must always face our problems, there is a difference between facing a problem and dwelling on it. When you are dwelling on the problem, you are basically reliving an old situation and re-creating every emotions and personal hardships you faced at that time. To dwell on the problem is really a negative thing to do because it really just creates more and more of the original problem. This is the case because while dwelling on the problem, you are not able to see the solution. Solutions can only be attained by seeing outside the problem and this cannot be done if all you’re doing is just concentrating on the problem and not allowing your mind to see things in a  ‘broadness view’; this is required in order to see beyond this problem to the solution.

To face the problem means that you are acknowledging that something went wrong but that you are aware of the fact that you will not find a solution by focusing strictly on the problem. To face the problem properly you first need to take on an objective stance, where you see the problem or whatever negative situation might have occurred, as a spectator watching a performance and not as an actor participating in that performance. The subtle difference here lies in the fact that you must remove yourself from the situation by no longer seeing yourself as being part of the situation. In this way you can look, at whatever problem or situation, from a distance and therefore not be affected emotionally by what has occurred. With this ‘objective perspective’, you should be able to see many things that led to this problem and in this way find solutions.

Secondly you must also let yourself feel some of the emotions that this problem has caused you. The reason for this is that these emotions are not your enemy, they are really allies that will help you to investigate your inner perceptions and will help you find out exactly why this problem manifested itself in the first place. Any emotion that is explored becomes an incredible helping force that gives you the energy needed to go deeply into your conscious awareness; you can then find the reason for the problem, and intuit solutions to overcome it.

Next time that you have a negative emotion, when you are reliving an old problem, realize that this emotion is really an ally that is here to help you. A good way to use emotions to solve problems is to slowly allow yourself to experience these emotions while you are reliving the problem from an objective  and somewhat detached point of view. In this way you can control how much emotion you feel and can then use these emotions as a type of fuel for your introspections. Like I have stated before; the simplest way to use these emotions is simply to just ask yourself “why?” as you experience them. This simple question will allow you to backtrack and to discover your personal beliefs in this situation. By understanding your beliefs you begin to become aware of a broader perspective and the reasons why this problem came to fruition in the first place. While reliving these emotions you might also find yourself experiencing certain flashes or insights that could give you great clues as to how to overcome this problem now and in the future.

There is no way to move forward until you face a problem. If you do not face the problem it will always be there, either haunting you or re-manifesting itself and creating new problems for you. The need to overcome a problem is paramount in moving forward in your life. If you are not able to do this you will not be able to move forward, and quite possibly, you will just segment yourself off from certain activities and thoughts because of your fear of experiencing these problems in the future.

Face your problems and gain personal strength. Once you realize that facing problems greatly increases your self-esteem, and when you realize also that any negative emotions that you might feel as you face these problems are just allies there to help you, you will find that facing problems is actually quite a positive thing. By facing problems you feel powerful and not powerless, as a result you become happier and have therefore cycled completely around, and in this way have turned a negative into a positive.