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Motivation is one of those things that seems to go in cycles. Sometimes we are highly motivated to do something and then there are other times when we just don’t seem to have the energy to do anything at all. Motivation is an internal sense, or it might be better to say that it is an internal feeling that propels us to take action. While many might say that it is discipline that creates motivation through initial action, it is indeed the case that there can be no positive action without internal motivation firstly.

People find it very difficult sometimes to change something. It is also the case that people find it very difficult to begin and finish whatever goal they have set for themselves. Unfortunately motivation can wane sometimes and it then becomes impossible to imagine overcoming whatever obstacles you might face. If you have ever felt this way then please realize that you are not alone, many people find themselves with a lack of motivation especially when they’re trying to do something that they considered to be tedious or difficult. There are ways to increase your motivation though and we will look at the simplest and probably one of the most effective methods to get you to take action and to stay motivated on any task. With the information in this article you should be able to get yourself to start and finish anything that you wish to accomplish.

The most effective way to build motivation within yourself is through the act of visualization. You do this by visualizing yourself performing whatever task it is that you wish to accomplish. For example if you wish to start a difficult task, visualize yourself engaged in this task and doing a very good job on it. Visualize yourself doing this task in as much detail as possible and try to feel positive emotions and desire to do a good job as you are visualizing yourself doing this. The better your visualization, and the more the positive emotion that you are able to generate, the better.

I suggest that you do this visualization for a good 5 to 10 minutes and then go on about your day. It will be the case that you will have possibly an instant desire to begin your task. As soon as you get this impulse, make sure that you act on it and begin whatever task it is that you need to get done. If you are not able to begin your task right away, try not to dwell on it too much and just continue doing what you need to do it until you need to perform your task. Just before you need to begin your task, remember the visualization you did and this should be enough to get your desire flowing. In this way you will be able to motivate yourself to do anything, by first visualizing whatever it is that you need to do and then waiting for the natural impulse to do it. You will never need to push yourself to do anything again, all you will need to do is to visualize yourself doing whatever it is that you are wanting to do and in short order your body will provide the impetus and energy that you need to get going on this task.

It might also be the case that halfway through your task or half way through some kind of regimen, you do feel like your motivation is gone and you wish to give up. If this is the case then once again visualize yourself in the next step of your task. Visualize yourself doing whatever it is that you are completely not motivated to do and if you can, try to imagine a positive feeling while you are doing this. If the visualization does not work and you are not motivated to get yourself going, do not fret. You will just need to keep visualizing throughout different times in the day and perhaps for a number of days until that motivation finally hits you and you are quite naturally willing to finish whatever task you started.

Using a simple visualization like this, you will be able to motivate yourself to do anything:

  • lose weight
  • stop smoking
  • do homework
  • work-out
  • walk the dog
  • etc.

The trick is to trust your natural impulses and not to fight any automatic desire to get up and do the task before you. If you do not fight these impulses when they come, you will find yourself automatically starting any difficult task or project and as we all know this is the most difficult part of doing anything, the part that we usually believe requires a lot of discipline. Using this method you will be able to motivate yourself to accomplish whatever it is that you wish to do and you will no longer need to whip yourself and perform like some kind of beast of burden.






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