We have all heard of the positivity movement. This is the movement that tells us that in order to better our lives we must try to stay as happy as possible. With good intentions they expound the idea that happiness is the key to greater happiness. What is meant by this is that they believe that you should try and suppress your negative emotions while at the same time trying to express as much positive emotion as possible.

As I said, this is a well-meaning group, that tells you that the best way to be happy is to fake it until you make it. Generally this movement believes that positive emotion and positive thoughts create positive outcome. Some of these groups also believe that by creating more positive emotion you can also create greater material abundance, that positive thought and happy feelings are responsible for material abundance.

While I do agree with the proposition that thought creates reality, I definitely do not believe in this positivity movement. The reason for this is that this movement would have you squelch any negative emotion that you might have as soon as possible. While some of their techniques are good at redirecting and refocusing your thoughts; suppressing emotion in general is a very dangerous prospect. When emotions are not allowed to have their full reign, they do tend to grow in power. While suppression of these emotions might stop them for a while, they will resurface again in the future and when they do resurface they tend to be far stronger. Emotions are there to show us our beliefs, if we do not use these emotions in the right way and discover what beliefs are causing them, we will find other ways to try and confront the source of our problems.

My contention with the positivity movement, which is directly related to what I stated above, has to do with the fact that its precepts do not allow for conscious development. This movement tends to expound the idea that human development is attained through material success and material wealth. That the ego is all powerful and must be maintained within a small rigid set of boundaries. I have noticed that some of these groups even try to stifle any kind of empathic abilities that the ego might have, believing that these empathic abilities will only allow negative thoughts to enter a person’s mind. Since these negative thoughts must be avoided at all cost, any negative emotions that you might have while identifying with others are censored at all cost as well.

My assertion has always been that while thoughts do create reality, thoughts are created by what we believe. Emotions are there to show us these beliefs and allow us to examine them closely and change these beliefs when they are not suiting our purposes. More importantly I believe that our purpose in this life is not material gain but consciousness expansion. This consciousness expansion can only be achieved if we allow ourselves to experience our complete selves, which includes the full range of emotional feelings. By experiencing our feelings as fully and as completely as possible, we can begin to realize our place in the universe and our greater spiritual reality.

Achieving material success is a positive thing because this material world is here to show us how to manipulate our consciousness. If we do create our external world with our thoughts then the external world is sort of like a feedback mechanism that shows us what we are doing right and wrong by materializing everything that we project through our psyche. As such material wealth and happiness are true and worthy goals. If these goals are pursued properly they can lead us to great consciousness expansion and spiritual understanding in their own way. Material success though is only the beginning and there is a point where we must grow beyond our mere desire for material abundance and begin to search for more spiritual abundance. This spiritual abundance is really an expansion of our consciousness into our inner reality, where all physical creation happens and where the source of our lives becomes apparent. From a spiritual abundance standpoint, material possession can be seen as a good beginning but a VERY limiting one if we focus solely on it.

Do not follow any movement or belief system that tells you that you must hold onto only certain thoughts and emotions and to quell all others that do not fit within a certain parameter. Question any belief system that tells you that empathy and empathic understanding is bad for your being. Question any notions that tell you that you must suppress any part of yourself. Realize that these belief systems are very old and that they are based on the basic premise; that by doing a certain positive thing you will get a reward, but that if you do certain negative things you will be punished. This belief system is no longer functional in our evolving society, it is based on a limited egotistical belief which can be directly traced to a limited understanding of the complexity of consciousness. The reverse is also true of course, you should not follow any belief system that tells you that annihilation of the ego is the answer. The answer is an expansion of the ego where it is able to process far more external and internal data and as a result grow and become far more flexible in its nature. This egotistical growth cannot be possible through suppression. Learn to become more yourself and grow in all ways.