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Having wonderful goals that you wish to meet is key to success in life. Many of us are great dreamers and there are many things that we would like to accomplish in this life. Some of us are even good planners and can set up different ways that we want to get these goals accomplish. But the most important thing about having goals is the ability to get started on them and to accomplish them.

In order to be a to get started on your goals, you must develop incredibly good reasons why these goals need to be accomplished. You must motivate yourself through great desire so that beginning on your goals, which is usually the hardest part, becomes easy and very satisfying. You must try and come up with a reason to make your goals absolutely irresistible to you, so that not doing them actually becomes painful. In this way you will be able to motivate yourself to get started and to get whatever goals you have set for yourself accomplished.

A great way to do this is to visualize what accomplishing your goals will look like to for you. Visualization is a wonderful motivator because it allows us to see the pleasure of the goal accomplished and this is a great motivator. Visualization though is far more powerful than just as a motivator; while it is our personal trainer in the beginning, pushing us and all our resources into staying on task, it is also the creative medium that will put together all the things that we need in order to have our goals accomplished perfectly.

Essentially what you are doing while visualizing is creating something out of nothing. Visualization is how we create our reality, the mind does indeed create our reality and it begins in the simplest ways. Some would believe that visualization is only useful because it creates emotional motivation, but this is only the beginning of what visualization does. Visualization is also in charge of bending future probable activity so that it is directed into what we want to happen. Some branches of physics for example believe that every single point in time is really a fracture into an infinite number of probable possibilities; this means that at any one point in space and time you choose, or have chosen, a number of probable actions, but you are only aware of a particular one. Different probable ‘you’s’ have chosen different actions and they exist in these probable universes that slightly branched off from yours. This means that every single possible point in space and time is the beginning of incredibly complex future and past probable branch of action. Each possible action is followed to its conclusion by one of your alternate selves in an alternate universe.

The focus of intent through visualization is the catalyst that directs your current you into a probable future scenario. Visualization therefore is far more powerful than just mere imaginative creation for personal motivation. It is the tool that you can use to align yourself with the correct probable action or actions that will eventually create your desired outcome.

In order to create a great visualization of your final outcome, ask yourself these questions below. They will help you to clarify your vision and make it very specific. The more you work on these questions the stronger that your visualization will become and therefore the more certain and powerful your intent. Ask yourself:

when I reach my goal, how will I feel?

When I reach my goal, how will my life be different?

When I reach my goal, what things won’t I have to put up with any more?

When I reach my goal, what will others be saying about me?

When I reach my goal, how will myself image change? How will the image that I show others change?

Am I really excited about my goal now?

What do I feel like doing right now?







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