Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

It is very difficult to get rich through hard work. You have to be able to come up with some kind of idea that will get you get you to the next level. Your imagination is the key.

First you have to get yourself out of poverty if you find yourself there. In order to do this you have to be able to find some work and to get paid well. You need to find a way to support yourself and your family, for this you will need to work. So yes this part of the equation does require that you do something to get paid. The idea is that you want to get to a point where you are past subsistence living.

Many of us find ourselves in this position. Anyone that has a 9 to 5 job most likely is doing this work in order to pay the bills and get by. Because most of us grew up hearing our parents telling us that an honest job was essential to good living, this kind of work ethic tends to come naturally to most.

The unfortunate thing is that most parents forget to tell their children that it is next to impossible to get rich doing this. It is possible that you might work your way up a certain company and eventually become executive management. This has been done and you could do it too if you have the talent. This however is quite a difficult thing and most fail.

What you need to realize is that once you have managed to find a job that allows you to pay for all your needs, you need to dedicate any extra time that you have to becoming wealthy. The fact of the matter is that if you stay at a regular job and try to work yourself into abundance, you will most likely not reach your goal. Most people work a regular job all their lives and retire hopefully on a decent pension, this is not a bad thing and for many this is quite lovely. As long as you have the time to be with your loved ones, do what you love on your spare time, and provide enough for yourself and your family, then all is well.

There are those that would like things differently. I think that with the power and sometimes indiscriminate attitudes of modern companies and bosses, more and more people are wanting to become wealthier, at least in order to free themselves from the ‘rat race’ and the dependency on others. If you are one of those people then you have to be made very aware of the fact that the only way to attain your dreams is to think of a way out of this dilemma. That is in order to find the abundance that you seek, you will have to come up with a way to make more money on your own and to stop believing that somehow you are going to get there by working all day and all night.

To find the answers to what you seek, I suggest that you use all of your spare time on that which you love to do. Try to spend as much time on this and see if there is a way that you can become better and better at your muse. What that hobby is, doesn’t matter. All things can lead to an abundant life if you are willing to dedicate enough time and effort to them.

Since effort is a difficult thing, the only way you will be able to put enough effort into a thing, is to dedicate more time to what you love to do. Work your regular job so that you are able to provide for all your needs, and then spend all of that extra time on doing and learning about what you love. When you do what you love there is no effort, just the passion to do. This passion should drive you to refine your talents and make you someone very good at what you do. Remember, You are not going to get rich working hard at it!




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