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We all want to be confident. Confidence is definitely something that is of great help when we are trying to accomplish anything. Confidence is also a state of being that promotes happiness; this is so because confidence speaks of a well-balanced individual that is of strong character. Confidence speaks of a well grounded being that is assured of his or her personal capabilities.

While we tend to see confidence as a general thing, it is important to realize that confidence is not just one particular thing, for example each one of us lacks confidence in some area. There are those that are very confident when it comes to business and money matters but lack this confidence when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. Confidence has many twists and turns and confidence in all aspects of one’s life is a very rare thing.

It is also the case that some of the people that we believe to be incredibly confident are not really that confident that all. By looking at the reactions of some individuals, we might be led to believe that they are incredibly confident individuals. It is possible though that these people are just very good under pressure and have a natural ‘poker face’ that makes them seem far more confident than they might actually feel. True confidence though is an internal assurance of self and this assurance can sometimes be un-graspable by even the coolest seeming characters.

Real confidence can only be developed through personal action. True confidence comes from the belief that you are completely capable in one area. In order to truly cements this belief into your psyche, it is necessary that you physically perform, to your satisfaction, in this one area. Without action, the belief will not be strong enough to create a true feeling of confidence. It is therefore always good to try and ‘do’ in that area where you lack confidence, because in this doing you are able to increase your capabilities in this one area. Through action you become more experienced and through this experience, and the knowledge that you gain while doing this action, you become more confident.

Confidence must also be maintained. You stay confident by continually developing experience in a particular area. You also maintain confidence by talking about yourself in a positive way. If you tell people that you are not good at something, it is quite possible that they will start to believe it, and that you might start to believe it as well. Now you don’t need to go crazy trying to ‘toot your own horn’ but it is always good practice to talk about yourself in a positive way. This positive talk is not just for others mind you, it is also the kind of talk that you should have when you are talking to yourself. While it is not a good idea to try and ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ as some like to advocate, acting confidently and engaging in positive self talk can motivate you to take the kind of action that will eventually create true confidence. True confidence as I said is complete faith in self.

Confidence can help us because it allows us to perform in a better way. It allows us to marshal all our resources in a positive fashion which can increase our success in any endeavor. Since confidence is such an important aspect in a successful life, it is very important then that you try to develop confidence and that you try to maintain this confidence. Learn to build and to maintain this confidence and you will have greater success in all your endeavors.









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