Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

Very few people are aware of themselves. They tend to go about things, trying to change the world and themselves but they forget to pay attention to what they are doing at the moment. Self-awareness is the real key to creating positive change, without this awareness there is only haphazard intention and therefore haphazard effectiveness.

Every single day is made of moments. Every single moment exists like an individual pause where the entire focus of your body, mind, and soul become one. As you read these words, this is a moment. This moment can be defined as the here and now; this can be a good way to begin to feel the intensity of this moment. By realizing that your entire self, both physical and metaphysical, comes to a fine point in every single here and now, you begin to appreciate the power that you have if you are only willing to recognize this moment and use it to your advantage.

Becoming self-aware, means recognizing your power at this here and now. While it is a good idea to keep working on whatever self-help techniques that you enjoy, you must also begin to develop the power of your action in every single here and now. Without doing this, you will be in ineffectual in your objectives because you will fail to access this moment point where you are most powerful. All change happens in the moment point, all change happens in the here and now.

Self awareness means that you are aware of what you are doing and how you are affecting yourself and others at this moment point. If you pay attention to the external world, you can begin to gauge how much you affect it and others in every single one of these moments. For example your emotional demeanor has a far greater effect on the world around you and on others then you realize. Every single inflection, body language, and internal feeling, has a way of affecting the people that you meet. If for example at the moment you are feeling angry, you might think that you are not projecting this anger outwardly but at every single moment point you cannot hide this emotion completely.

Now I’m not saying that you should control your emotions or try to suppress yourself in order to attain certain responses from others. Many can easily be led into believing that this is what they must do when they are told that every single moment, every single here and now, is an incredibly powerful way to affect their reality. What every single moment point is designed for is so that you discover the power of it and your power as a result, and to change as you wish internally; not externally. This internal change must be brought about through the realization of your beliefs, what you believe at this here and now, and not through just faking emotions that you are not feeling.

It is very important that you become more self aware. That you discover how every single moment affects your entire reality. How every single here and now allows you to change a certain aspect of your reality either in a positive or negative way. You do this by becoming more and more aware of the here and now. At the present moment you pay attention to how you’re feelings and what you are believing, externally you pay attention to the reactions that the world offers you because of these feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Through this self-awareness you can begin to change yourself by changing yourself at the only time that you have the power to do so; in the here and now.







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