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In our lives we all have many goals and we would like to accomplish. There is always one task or another and always a reason why we have to get something done, goal setting therefore is something that we should all take seriously and that we should all strive to become very good at.

Perhaps the best way to accomplish any goal is to write the goal down. By writing a goal down you make it concrete, and this has a wonderful way of enticing your mind and therefore all of the powers that you have access to, to help you accomplish this task.

We can run into problems though when are trying to accomplish goals. Sometimes we set our sights too high or we forget to consider things that are very important. Writing your goals down does help you in being able to examine these goals and take a closer look at them. Once your goals are written down you can take a closer look at what it is that you want to accomplish.

There are also other things that we can do to make sure that the goals that we have set for ourselves are doable. Before you start a goal, consider these questions so that you are able to see whether you have set the bar too high for yourself or whether you have not considered certain important things that might hinder you.

Ask yourself before you start:

Is the goal that I have set specific? When I wrote this goal down, did I write down a specific goal? The more specific you can be about the kind of task that you wish to accomplish, the easier it will be for you to accomplish it. Sometimes people make broad statements like, “I getting a new house”. Without adding any explicit ideas about the specifics of this goal, like; what kind of house, where, when, etc. Always try to make your goal as specific as possible.

Can you measure your goal? If you achieve this goal can you say you have achieved it? Try to make your goals measurable so that you know when they are achieved and how much you have left to achieve them.

Do you think you can actually accomplish your goal? This might seem like a redundant question; that you might try to accomplish something that you don’t think you can accomplish. It is worth considering this point though, and taking time to really think about it. What would it take to accomplish the goal that you have set for yourself. Be honest; can I see myself doing it? Does accomplishing it make me feel good?

Is the goal realistic? After doing a little research, and after finding out a little more as to what it would take to get this done; is your imagination getting the best of you or do you still think that this goal is doable?

Do you have a timeline for your goal? Getting yourself a timeline for your goal is very important. Without a timeline you could spend years thinking about your goal and exactly what you’re going to do without ever really doing a thing. Having a timeline is also very important because it allows you to consider what you need to do and when the best time to do something is.

Are you passionate about the journey towards your goal? It is also very important that you are passionate about accomplishing your goal. If you do not feel any passion or desire towards accomplishing your goal, it will be very hard for you to get yourself to expand the kind of energy that it might take to accomplish your desire. Make sure that the passion for the journey is there or you might not get started at all.

Is the goal natural for you? Do you have natural talent that will help you to accomplish your goal? In other words; is this going to be a cakewalk or are you going to be going uphill all the way?

Do the important people in your life understand your goal? There are goals we wish to accomplish without others getting in the way. There are also goals that are very important that we would like to share with others. Make sure that you realize for yourself how you wish to accomplish this goal. Do you want others to know and get involved? If so; do those people that you care about clearly understand what you are trying to do? Do want to keep this goal quiet and get it done on your own without interference?

Are you ready for the voyage? After putting the goal down on paper and doing a little research into what it might take to get it done, are you ready for the struggles and pleasures of getting this goal accomplished? This is a great question and relates directly to timing, it will allow you to search your feelings and in that way decide when to begin.

By writing your goals down and using the questions above, you will be able to find out for yourself whether the goals that you have set are doable or not. If you can follow this procedure for all the goals that you set for yourself, you will see that accomplishing what you wish to do will be far easier and far more rewarding.







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