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In this article I would like to share with you a very powerful technique called Bone Breathing.  It’s an ancient technique that goes back to India and to China, it has been practiced by both Yogi’s and Chi Kung masters in different variations.  You can also see variations of it in the west and in all different parts of the world.  The reason for this is that it is an incredibly powerful technique that allows you to literally suck in energy from the environment around you.

In order to understand how this technique works you must first understand a little about the concept of ‘prana’ or ‘chi’.  These words are used to name the vital energy that can be found in the breath.  Most ancient mystical groups believe that there is a power all around us, and that it is this power that allows us to function in the physical world.  We are born into the world with some of this power and we also ingest this energy in order to survive. We usually ingest this energy through eating and other natural methods, but the most powerful way to suck up large amounts of this vital energy is through breath.  Breathing then becomes a mystical function that is responsible for how much energy and power we have in our bodies and can then use in our lives.

The bone breathing technique allows us to ingest large amounts of this vital energy or ‘prana’.  We can use this energy to stay healthy, get motivated, strengthen our sense of purpose, and generally become more powerful.  Before you begin this exercises I suggest that you consult your Doctor; if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, or are at risk for aneurisms, then I suggest you talk to him before you start.

In order to begin let us imagine that the air around you and the air that fills up your lungs is actually a kind of light, you can think of this vital energy as a type of vapor or gas that is slightly thicker than the typical air around you.  With this imaginative construction in mind, try to fill your lungs completely from bottom to top, just like the glass fills with water.  Then try to empty out your lungs completely, just like a glass, from top to bottom.  This is correct breathing and how you should be breathing all the time. Keep that imaginative construction of the vital vapor or “prana’ in mind, it will teach you how to begin to use this ‘prana’ properly and will allow you to develop your own imaginative ideas on how to move this force through your body.  I am certain that you will feel incredibly revitalized after breathing like this for a while.

In order to do bone breathing, you must begin to channel this vital energy throughout your body.  Bone breathing is mostly concerned with sucking in that vital energy through different parts of the body and is therefore used while inhaling.  To begin imagine that you are breathing through the bones in your arms; think of your arm bones as being giant sponges that suck in the vital ‘prana’ through the force of your inhale.  As you do this you can imagine that there is a bit of resistance because the bones in your arms are thicker and therefore harder to breathe through than your throat.  Imagine sucking in the vital energy through your arm bones and filling your lungs from bottom to top just like before.  When your lungs are completely filled, you can exhaled in a quick sigh and either stop there or begin to inhale again and repeat the process.

If you have done this correctly, your arms should feel almost tingly, your blood pressure will have gone up, and you will feel more alert and energized.  Now try to do the same breathing through the bones of your legs.  Do this for about 10 breaths and relax for a while.  Try next to do 10 breaths through the bones on your back and then take a break for a little while.  Try 10 breaths through the bones in your skull and take your brake.  Finally try to do this breath technique by breathing in through every pore in your body for 10 breaths.  After this completed routine you should feel amazingly strong, and light as a feather.  Keep practicing and developing your technique; the key is to combine your imagination and your breathing in order to be able to suck up huge quantities of this vital energy that is all around you.

The benefits of this exercise are many as I have mentioned, but it is also a very powerful technique that allows you to pull in energy into one specific area and therefore supercharge yourself in that area.  For example, let us say that you went for a very long walk and your legs are incredibly tired, you can try bone breathing through the bones in your legs.  Doing this for 10 breaths and taking a break, doing it again for another 10 breaths, and continuing to do this until you feel better. You don’t have to just breath like this through just your bones of course, you can breathe in through any part of your body that you think might require a large flood of vital force.

This amazing technique can be used to relieve pain, speed up healing, and revitalize energy.  It can be used anywhere and at anytime that you wish.  This is the first step in learning to control this ‘prana’, ‘chi’, Odic force’, or most simply; the vital force of life.  Through bone breathing you can revitalize your energy and increase your power.


  1. Very interesting. I thought though that bone breathing was where you feel the force of breathing pushing your bones in an outward movement.


    1. Yes you are quite correct, but you could say that that is half the equation.
      In the article I focus on the intake of energy into the bone structure because that inward breath is actually how one saturates the bones and therefore the rest of the body with vital force. You can then use this vital force to overcome weariness and also to heal different parts of your body including the soft tissue.

      The outward projection which is done with the out breath, is usually used to project vital force into certain parts of the body structure or sometimes even outwardly. An example of this would be the use of this vital force in the martial arts.

      1. Jamie Gibbons

        Thanks. Could you answer a question for me please? If I am struggling to get rid of tension in my neck and shoulders what can I do? Stretching simply will not get rid of it. Please help.

        1. Tension on your neck can be caused by a number of things and it is therefore my advice that you seek help from a professional to begin with. There could be an injury, even an injury in another part of the body can affect your neck because this injury could be affecting the way you sit, stand, or move.

          A lot of neck tension is also related to structural issues so good posture is also something that you should look into; again a professional can be of great help in this so do consider seeing someone if you can. If you think this might be an issue then I recommend that you read this article to get some good advice on how to get a better posture while sitting (which can also be applied to standing and moving).

          Neck tension or any bodily tension can also be caused by stress and is therefore a mental issue. Try this article or a number of different ones that you can find on this site related to mental focus and relaxation.

          If you can find someone, then I would suggest massage on a regular basis. You can definitely try giving yourself a personal massage regularly; you would be surprised how easy it is to massage yourself in even hard to reach areas. This is of course not a cure but it can help to relieve the tension temporarily and this can help with healing; even of a mental nature.

          Finally always remember that the mind can overcome any physical difficulty. To help yourself in this way you have to have some imagination and good focus. Do the bone breathing as it is mentioned in this article. As you breathe in, imagine that this powerful energy that you are sucking in is going straight to the tension that you are having problems with. Do that long breath in a few times, until you completely saturate the problem area with as much vital force as possible. Now breathe out slowly and focus that energy on the problem area; feel that vital force relieving that neck tension and healing your neck. Breathe in energy now through every pore on your neck; imagine vital force flooding your entire neck, and as you breathe out, imagine that force relieving that tension. Feel, truly feel with as much focus as you can muster, that area becoming looser and looser.
          The out breath sends the vital force out in any direction and your mind is the guide. Focus that energy, and most importantly imagine your neck becoming less tense, feeling slacker and relaxed. Once you are able to easily imagine that good feeling there, focus on it for a while; try to extend this feeling for longer and longer periods (this fun exercise should last around ten minutes but use your own judgement). Try to do this exercise at least once a day for a week. Let me know if this helps.

  2. Jamie Gibbons

    Thanks very much for your help. I will commit to practice. I have have many problems over the years with pain and tension. I have seen many professionals. Physio, osteopath, specialist doctors, alexander technique, MRI scan, painkillers, benzodiazepines, study of yoga and pilates. I have been told there is nothing wrong with me, which causes more upset and frustration. Doctors are generally baffled. I try to keep a good posture but sometimes my body pulls itself out of alignment and trying to resist this is futile. Also I dont like the feeling of cloth next to my skin, t-shirts, sweaters etc. So whenever I am at home I stay topless because there is less discomfort. I have been a drug addict for most if my life, although I am clean now for 2 years. I have suffered lots of trauma, some extremely severe. Would it be possible that there is just lots of trapped energy in my body? I cant help but believe thus is what it is! I can feel the trapped energy in my body. Neck, shoulders; also down in my torso, lots in belly area and down my legs. I can feel much constriction in my left leg. Does this sound like it might be the case? After all a life long of fear, anxiety, anger etc will have a bad impact on the body. I desire healing very much, its my #1 goal now I am clean.

    Any advice?


    1. I am terribly sorry to hear about your troubles but I commend you on the fact that you have been able to stay clean for so long. I am certain that you are quite aware of the fact that this is the type of stress, staying clean, so give yourself some leeway on this. Even now your body is basically detoxifying itself and possibly fighting off the desire to get back to its old detrimental routine of ingesting drugs. Stress causes tension and tension accumulates and balls up energy, sort of like a hose with in kink in.

      Drugs are very bad for the body and they can definitely screw up the body’s energetic circulation. As you might already know; ki, chi, orgone, olic, prana, or whatever you might want to call it, travels throughout the body through different channels which are sometimes called meridians. A drug high forces the body to send out huge amounts of chi through different meridians depending on whatever drug you are taking. These bursts of energy can be so powerful that they can sometimes fry certain meridians or rewire them.

      Trust your self, and your personal feelings; if you feel that you are experiencing huge amount of energy throughout your body then you most likely are. Certainly the desire to not have cloth next to your skin in some areas is indicative of what is sometimes referred to as chi sickness. Specifically it seems to me that you have fried certain meridians, you are essentially flashing hot in these areas and what you need to do is to adjust your system so that your vital energy can move through your system in a more harmonious way.

      You are not alone in this, believe me there are many people out there that have experienced similar things, albeit not from drugs but from working to raise chi or kundalini for example. You can heal yourself and perhaps you can use the meditative practices that you will need to partake in as some form of therapy to help you in all facets of life.

      I would definitely need to write a book in order to show you how this healing can be achieved but there really is no need because there are some very good books out there, books that you can use to teach yourself how to run the meridians through your body correctly again. I am attaching the link to a couple here:

      This is an amazing author and his books can show you how to run your meridians correctly and how to use your breath to move your energy in a conscious fashion. It will take a while to heal yourself, remember that you were burning like a chemically induced torch for a long time. Now you have to retrain your energy body through more natural meditation and breath work. I trust anything by this author and I would also recommend anything by Glen Morris if you can get it.

  3. Jamie Gibbons

    Hey John, thanks for your reply. I just have a question. I have read on the internet that Mantak Chia isn’t who he says he is and that I have a big of caution around listening to him and reading his books. What do you have to say about this? Any advice?

    1. I am not sure about Mantak Chia the man and I will not cast a stone, I’ll let those that are better than me do that. But I can tell you that I have been practicing what I preach for a long time and the information in the books that I have read, has worked perfectly for me.

      Perhaps try Glenn Morris “Path Notes..” or Gopi Krishna ‘Kundalini: The Evolutionary energy of man’. But these are just recommendations, you are fundamentally responsible for yourself and I make no claim to be any kind of expert, I just write about what I have been able to accomplish myself. Please contact a physician before you try anything that you believe will endanger your health.

  4. Jamie Gibbons

    Hello John. I hope you are well. I can see by the date on my last post that it has been over 8 months since I last posted on here. I thought I would give an update. I got to see a Neurologist. The G.P said he probably wouldn’t be able to help me, but I insisted on seeing a Neurologist. The Neurologist told me I have a condition called Allodynia. There is actually nothing physically wrong. That is why the MRI scans showed nothing, same with Physio etc. Allodynia is where my brain is interpreting normal sensations as intense pain/burning etc. It is caused by trauma, anxiety and drug abuse. I still stick to what I said about trapped energy. I had counselling for about 9 months, and my counselor was big on mindfulness/meditation. She mentioned about trapped trauma in my body. It was a relief to find that the condition had a name. So how have I been treating it? Well, I am being prescribed Amitriptyline. I started at 25mg, and I am now on 100mg. My G.P told me that up to 100mg is for pain, the anti-depressant effect starts at 100mg. Anyway, I definitely feel a little more comfortable than I did. I also am practicing present moment meditation, as taught by Barry Long and Eckhart Tolle. With the body based meditation that I practice. I start with my hands. I become conscious of the life inside my hands. The hands are a good place to start because the hands are sensitive, so it is relatively easy to feel the life energy in the hands. After my hands I move in the forearms, upper arms, shoulder etc. I go around my body with my inner awareness, meeting whatever I find with OK’ness and friendliness. I am really surprised by the amount of trapped energy I find in my body, especially in my upper legs and belly area. I use the bone breathing method to help me ‘get into’ the bones, to help me get a good awareness of inside my body. I am getting there slowly but surely. I am glad to see light at the end of the tunnel. This has been going on for about 15 years, and now I am on the long road to healing……….Bless………………..

  5. Kim Charlton

    Hi, I’d like to ask a question about “hot spots” or at least that’s what it feels like on the top of my head just above my forehead, in my hair. I think there is a correlation with stress but I’m not positive. It comes and goes and feels like a burning sensation. Sometimes my forearms tingle also. Therefore, I try breathing into my forearms and into top of my head to help. Have you ever heard of anything like this sensation I get? It’s not pleasant.

    1. Usually such hotspots can be said to be related to stress in that they are an accumulation of hot or yang energy. This energy can be positive in that it is creative powerful energy, but when we are stressed, we tend to tighten up and concentrate this energy to unmanageable proportions in certain areas of the body.
      I would suggest that instead of trying to breathe into these areas, which can actually exacerbate the problem because you are attracting even more energy into that area, that you instead try relaxation.
      Imagine that this part of your head is relaxing completely, and then that the rest of your body relaxes as well. As this happens, allow this energy (that is imagine that this energy) slowly spreads out over the rest of your body, giving your body strong hot energy that it can use to heal itself and feel energized.
      This will not stop the symptom as this is related to your particular energy flow, your thoughts and the tension that you subconsciously impose on yourself but it will allow you to disperse this hot energy in a positive way when it becomes unmanageable.

  6. Kim Charlton

    Thank you so much. That’s amazing advice that I will apply. Sometimes solutions are so simple and we just need them made tangible in our minds. I may never have thought of redirecting the “energy”. I will make it work……Kim

  7. lelia saunders

    Reichian therapy…prolonged deep breathing with open eyes, will allow an opening to your past (other) lives & that is Jamie’s problem. So many problems can be dissolved by looking into your other lives. Now we as a society have come very close to higher consciousness & the veil is transparent…so hang in there, & allow yourself to explore your other incarnations.

    I have done this work for over 40 years & it works.

  8. I’ve seen numerous articles on bone breathing but you have made it very comprehensible and accessible. This is beautifully done. Thank you!

  9. I have a question about breathing but not this particular method …it’s one I read about in your Vampire’s Way To Psychic Self Defense, where you do reverse breathing. I couldn’t find an article about that here, so wasn’t sure where to put my question, but it is this ….A couple of times after I had used that method, I got some uncomfortable abdominal and indigestion symptoms. I have a lot of food sensitivities and have to live on a very restricted diet and now it seems like I can’t even benefit from nourishing myself with energy. Do you know what could be happening with that?

    1. Reverse breathing can be tough on a sensitive stomach. From a purely physical perspective, you are contracting the stomach muscles in a quite powerful and odd manner so that can cause some irritation if you are sensitive.
      Energetically speaking, the movement of energy through and around that area can cause even more pronounced tensions, as stomach sensitivity is often the result of, or may induce energetic kinks/blocks there.
      First make sure that you don’t do these exercises on a full stomach, or when you are already feeling a little sensitive.
      Second, take it easy. Try not to contract and tighten the stomach too much, and don’t do it for too many repetitions. Work your way up and use your stomach as a gauge so that you don’t stress it out too much.
      Third, this does not mean you are out of luck. If you are having trouble with this technique, use the one that I mention in the ‘Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy‘ book. As we age, and our muscles and stomachs become more and more sensitive, it is our minds that must take over purely physical labor, so use those techniques instead and you will in essence be working on your future abilities.

  10. Thank you, John, this is very helpful as I just read about that technique in Overcoming the Archon, yesterday and was wondering if I could use it instead. I’ll practice that and do as you said — work my way up to being able to do it more with the contractions.

    And that’s a great book, by the way. I’ve never read any other author explain everything so clearly.

  11. Christopher Wilson

    I wonder if you could tell me about the effects of having an artificial knee (Titanium) on Bone Breathing or Qigong in general.. Does the flow of qi still go through my legs. Is the qi stopped at the artificial knee or does it still pass through that energy gate? Thank you for your work.

    1. This is a good question and as I carry a little titanium myself, I can relate. I would say that any foreign substance to the body will AT FIRST impede energy flow, but with time, as you practice moving energy through this area over and over again, the movement of energy gets easier and easier, until you create your own passage through this material, essentially turning it into your own body. This article might help in understanding how this may work;

      1. Christopher Wilson

        Thank you very much for taking the time to answer this question. I feel you are right.

  12. Hey John!

    I am a huge fan of your work. After purchasing and reading Overcoming the archon through alchemy as well as The Vampires Way – I had a coupe of questions if you dont mind me asking!

    First question – when doing the in polarity breathing as outlined in overcoming the archon – do you recommend using the same reverse breathing technique as outlined in Vampires way, but instead of sucking up negative energy – just the positive energy from the world around us ? I did not see it mentioned in overcoming the archon to use the same reverse breathing pump technique – and I am curious if you personally dont reverse breath during your own in polarity breathing practices.

    The other question I had was something in relation to Vampires way. You mention on page 35 that the reverse suction pump draws in life force and is sucked up by the body directly through the skin and bones. I did not notice you mention to visualize energy being drawn into the body via the breath , but rather through the body. Am I correct in my assumption that although we are doing reverse breath, more focus and visualization should be done in regards to imagining the pump sucking energy into the body through the skin, rather than the breath? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Last but not least – are there any plans for any new books in the near future? I really enjoy your work and have purchased most of them!



    1. Hi Bray,

      Yes you can definitely use the reverse breathing technique. In the Overcoming the Archon book I was trying to focus on describing the Polarity centers and I did not want to confuse anyone with too much information. Do note though that reverse breathing is just a convenient and more mechanical way to work with the IN Polarity; so it is a great way to use your body to access that pulling in feeling that you need for this kind of work.

      Really great question. I wanted people to focus on sucking in through the arms in that book because it’s easier to think of absorbing what at first is considered negative combative energy this way. There are too many poison and the like connotations that I wanted to stay away from.
      By having beginners to this technique focus on just absorbing through the arms and skin, I was hoping that they would be more comfortable working with what in many circles is considered poison; negative energy. But which is in fact just energy, as I mention in the book.
      But for more advanced practitioners, like yourself I would imagine, absorbing through the mouth is quite alright. Indeed the whole relation between eating the attack and the predatory stance, like a vampire, becomes far more apt. I would recommend that you use whatever feels best for you.

      I am currently working on part two of a three part course book series that started with the book, The Magnum Opus. This first book actually is very much the advanced version of that absorption and refining of energy that I mention in the Vampire’s Way and Overcoming.
      The course book I am working on now is about the use of all that stored energy; the reason for all the storing, absorbing, and refining. I am hoping that it will answer, or at least help in the understanding, of true transmutation. In Alchemical terms, this course book is about the unification of the conscious and the unconscious.

  13. Hi John,
    I tried the breathing technique mentioned in The Magnum Opus. If I inhale to the limit, then hold (packing energy), and exhale, I find myself gasping for air. I also sweat and feel hot. Should I stop inhale to the very limit, or did I do something wrong?

    1. Yes, you are definitely trying too hard. Instead of trying to use your body to push energy and inhaling so much, instead try to take shorter breaths and use your imagination/visualization to engage in packing as opposed to trying to somehow press down with your body, which is wrong. Take it easy on yourself:)
      I would suggest reading the material again, and trying to visualize as you do so instead of trying to force anything. Also start with smaller breaths and take it easy until you feel things working properly (it feels right) as opposed to trying to force them.

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