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In order to get things done you must keep track of your goals.  We all have certain things I we to accomplish, and we all have time schedules.  The only way that you can accomplish these desires is to be able to monitor what you have done and what you need to do.

Begin to keep track of your goals by asking yourself, “what have I done and so far”?  It is most important that you are honest with yourself and that you are able to see that the only way that you will overcome hurdles is to keep a very accurate record of the things that you have done so for.

By knowing how much you have done, you are able to see how much you have left to do.  In order to stay within the schedule and time-line, you must be able to know how much you have done and how much you have left.  It is therefore imperative that you keep careful track of your goals, because this is the only way that you will be able to meet a certain date.  This becomes very important when you have multiple projects or when you have a very difficult project.  The timeline is a very useful way to stay on schedule, to be able to do the things that you want, in that time that you want to do them.  But timelines don’t work, schedules don’t work, and goals don’t get accomplished when you do not keep track of how much you have done and how much you need to do.  You can only do this by keeping personal track of your accomplishments so far.

It is also very important that you adjust behavior while completing your goals.  Sometimes things change; sometimes objectives change or sometimes you find better ways to accomplish old goals.  In order to take complete advantage of all your abilities, and all your resources, you need to keep track of your goals. It then becomes possible to do fine tuned adjustments which will greatly help your actions.  A small mistake corrected early on can avoid huge problems in the future.  By staying on top of your current situation you are able to foresee and clip any problems either before they start or just after they’ve been made manifest.

It is often a good idea to keep some kind of little journal where you can record what you have done and all the things that you need to do.  This journal can become your good friend and your motivator to get you on schedule to accomplish whatever goal you have set for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be a very complex thing, just a little pad where you are able to jot down any inferences that you have made about your goals.  Most importantly you need to keep track of what ever changes you need to make in this little journal, so that it becomes a map and a key to getting everything that you need done.  You can come up with your own note style developing your own shorthand as you go,  just make sure that you keep the date posted on every entry that way you are able to keep track of schedules and posted times.

With this little journal, and using the questions that I have mentioned, you will be able to stay on target.  If you fail to do this, and the goals or tasks that you have set for yourself become too complex, you won’t be able to accomplish your desires.  Remember to check on yourself frequently, perhaps even once a day.  The more that you do this, the more efficient that you will become.  Keep track of your goals, jot down your observations on your journal, adjust your course or schedule as you see fit in order to succeed.  This way you will become very successful and very efficient.





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