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There are situations that you can’t change. As hard as you try there will always be things that you cannot change. Time changes and through this change you change as well, there are times therefore when you will not be able to do things that you might be able to at a different time. It is possible that something can be beyond your powers at the moment, learn to accept this fact. It is even possible that there are certain things that you do not want to change at this moment, and that you are not allowing yourself to make this change now for reasons that you might not be even consciously aware of. Study your feelings so that you are more aware of what you truly desire and why.

There are people you can’t help. It is possible that helping some people is just beyond your power, there is a limit after all to what you can do as a person. Do not push yourself into personal destruction in order to try and help those that are beyond your capabilities at the moment. It is also possible that there are people that just don’t want to change. Do not waste your time trying to help those that do not want your help or will not try to help themselves. Sometimes this is a difficult thing to judge because there are those that would scream for your help but at the same time do nothing to help themselves. You must be able to discover these individuals for what they are so that you do not become entangled in a dependent relationship where others rely solely on you to do everything for them. It is a good idea to only help those that ask for your help and to try and discover quickly whether these people are willing to help themselves as well.

There will always be results that you will not be able to achieve. We are all different, some people are better at some things while there are people that are better at other things. To try and replicate what someone else can do perfectly can often times lead you to great folly. Realize that you are a unique person and that you are in a different place both, literally and figuratively, from anyone else. Never try to become someone else and never try to duplicate another’s results. As a unique individual find inspiration in others but remember that you must attain your own results based on your own personal feelings and beliefs about yourself.

There are times when you need to be very objective. Objective detachment allows you to see things in a far clearer way, and this can give you new perspectives on where you are going wrong. Objectivity though must always be used in conjunction with your intuition. Get in touch with your feelings and question these feelings by asking yourself “why?” you are feeling them.

You must always be prepared to walk away. If you have any doubt then you must always consider the possibility of leaving this battle for the moment. Walking away from this situation does not mean that you can’t win in other situations. Wasting your resources could be fatal and it could mean that you lose resources that you could use in the future to fight a battle that is far more important to you. Being objective and trusting your intuition will allow you to realize where you are making a mistake. This subjective understanding should also help you to see that there might be a need to just walk away from this one so that you can focus more energy, effort, and resources into another battle.

Can you accept this loss with graceful humility? The ego if allowed, can push you into doing very silly things. Don’t let your ego push you into battles that you know you can’t win, don’t let it push you into attempting things that you know you will fail at. The ego does this by projecting all sorts of feelings of vanity and as a result you do things because you did not want to be seen as a loser by others. Always realize that you are far more than your ego and that your ego is just giving you one perspective on the present situation. Humility is not cowardice; it is objective understanding, acceptance of this understanding, and personal control.

Learn to walk away when you have to. Save your energy so that you can win battles on a different day, battles that are most likely far more important to your overall goals. Be objective and realize that you will need to save your energy because there might be battles on a different day. Don’t allow your ego to push you into things that you should not be doing at the moment. Develop strong self-esteem by realizing that you are far more than just your ego.






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