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You must always try to consider time as your friend and not your enemy. Most of us have little patience and tend to rush into things that we end up regretting in the long term. While I have said in the past that impulses are something that should be used to your advantage, because they tend to usually be subconscious messages that are far more legitimate than many realize, it is also the case that ‘forbearance is a virtue’.

If you do get an impulse or a desire of some kind, to act in a certain way, then you should pursue that action or at least consider the consequences of this action fully. There are times though when we seem to be lost and there are no answers to be found. When this is the case it is always a good idea to have patience and let time create its own answers by providing solutions that can only come about when you let go.

When you have tried in different ways to try to find solutions to difficult answers without success, it is quite possible that you just need to let go of the need for these answers for a while. By being patient and forgetting about the problem for a while, you allow deeper parts of yourself to mull over the problem in a more natural way. Having patience often times is just the ability to forget about a certain thing for a while so that other, greater parts can find solutions or perhaps provide answers that you are not currently able to see.

If you find yourself stuck, one of the greatest things that you could possibly do is just sleep on it. In order to be able to actually get to sleep of course you will need to be able to just let things go. The best way to let go and to also find the answers that you require, is to ask yourself, two ask your deeper self: what is the solution to this question? By doing this just before you go to bed, you are asking your inner self for a solution. Your inner self will always answer these questions, even though it is sometimes the case that we do not understand the answers.

Many times these answers take the form of a dream which we sometimes forget or only partly remember. Other times the answers can be certain omens or synchronicity that we tend to overlook if we do not pay attention. It is even the case that you can receive direct answers through flashes and intuitions that become quite clear. It all really depends on how much of a connection you have with your inner self and how much time you have spent contemplating your personal thoughts in the past.

If ever you find yourself torn between what you think you should do and what you feel like doing, it is always a good idea to just let it go for a while. I quite often find it difficult to make even simple decisions; these are times when I know what I should do and I know what I want to do but I just can’t get myself to do what I should do. When this is the case I just wait for a while and let things happen by themselves. Doing this usually allows the problem to resolve itself, or the extra time allows me to understand what I am conflicted about. Given enough time this conflict either resolves itself or I discover that there was another issue that I was not considering or wasn’t strong enough to face at the time. With time, I can see all this clearly along with my reasoning, and I therefore can make the correct decision for myself.

Patience is truly a virtue and it can allow you to solve difficult problems. While it is not the case that you should stifle every impulse that you have, as these impulses have much to show you, it is however a good idea to practice forbearance whenever you are having a difficult time trying to solve a problem. Time allows you to find inner resources, and this can allow you to develop the strength and the wisdom that you need to make the correct decision. Whenever you have a difficult problem, sleep on it; ask your inner self to give you an answer to your problems and pay attention because the answers might come in ways that you do not expect.






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