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Time is a precious thing. We seldom contemplate the fact enough; that we are all mortal beings. If we were to contemplate this on a regular basis, we would realize that the time that we have is indeed precious. Whether we believe in an afterlife or not, the time that we have on this Earth is indeed limited and it is therefore very important that we use this time wisely.

If you think about it, you’ll easily come to the conclusion that how you spend your time is how you spend your life. Now this might seem quite obvious but if you really think about it, there are a lot of actions that you perform that are most likely taking up your time but are not giving you much in return. Even people that tend to appreciate how precious their time is can sometimes be fooled into wasting time because they forget to consider that every single moment is precious and must be spent doing something that you want to do.

Some say that there is no free will but they forget to consider the fact that at every single moment you have a choice as to how you will spend your time. This choice is personal power and you must take advantage of this choice by deciding from this moment on what you will spend your time doing. Realize that every single moment gives you a choice. Make yourself conscious of this choice so that you can spend these moments wisely. Every single moment is a precious thing.

Some would say that they don’t have free will because they believe that their time is used up doing things that they believe they must do. That it is the external world that controls their behavior because it forces them to do things and gives them little choice. I can understand how some might feel this way, having to take bad jobs and having to be responsible for things that they do not care very much about. The solution to this problem is that you have to get to know your values; by understanding what you value and what things are important to you personally, you begin to figure out if you are spending your time doing things that are of value to you. Remember that at every moment you have a choice and you can change the course of your life right now if you choose to do those things that are important to you. If you find that your life is spent doing things that you don’t value, then start making a conscious choice right now to start working towards a life that you want. Set goals that fulfill your values.

By discovering your values you discover what you really want to do. By finding out what is important to you, you can begin to question how you are spending your time. If your efforts are helping you to achieve your goals, then you are spending your time wisely. If you are not using your time on things that are important to you then you either need to change your goals or the way that you spend your time.

Personal consideration of time does not need to be a draconian thing. The best way to begin to use your time wisely is to first and foremost discover your values. Once you have discovered these values you need to question your beliefs about these values;

do you feel that these values are worthy? Why or why not? If you feel that your values are unworthy then you need to discover the belief(s) that would have you imagine that your thoughts and ideals are evil, stupid, or less important than the values of others.

Is there a way that you can fulfill your values?
If one of your greatest values is personal freedom, then how can you start to become (and feel) more free right now?

By answering these questions you will discover the beliefs that are really not helping you or beliefs that are tell you that some things are not possible. By changing these beliefs you begin to naturally alter the way that you spend your time so that you are focusing more on getting the things that you truly want done and less on doing things that you think you should do or things that you believe you are being forced to do. If you are wondering about how to change these beliefs, there are a few articles on this page that you can use to help you, I recommend that you start with “How to stop negative energy permenantly

Time is a precious thing. It cannot be wasted because whatever you do you are always expanding and becoming more yourself. There is a natural need in all of us though to expand in our own willful ways. In order to begin to use this time in a more conscious fashion, learn to appreciate how precious this time is and also use this precious time to discover what is of true value to you personally. Use your time wisely and you will find greater joy and success in life.


  1. Hi John. I’d like to get your input on something if you don’t mind.

    I’m of the opinion, as far as I’ve been able to piece, that our conscious “ego self” suffers some kind of second death or dissolution at some point after bodily death (possibly surrounding a life review event?). This could mean the loss of individuality and an unconscious drift into an eventual next incarnation.

    But there is a data point I have not been able to fit in my view. And that is mediums. Since I have some degree of skill in extra sensory perception, I’ve noticed there are those who call themselves mediums who do in fact receive information in the same way I can (symbolic packets of gnosis that reference whatever the conscious mind knows from experience in order to be deciphered). Some times in more impressive ways that nevertheless make sense within the framework I know from experience.

    My doubt here is this. Are they really communicating with dead people, or are they accessing information on their own? For all intents and purposes I’d say it doesn’t matter, except for the implications regarding survival after death. As I said, I haven’t been able to figure this out yet. Would this mean there is no second death? That it’s further in time than I thought? Maybe they are communicating with impostors?

    What’s your take on this? Thanks.

    1. I am not sure john if you have read my latest book, the way of the projectionist? In it I discuss the three selves that make up the complete individuality, and it lays the foundation for my next book in that trilogy where I will cover the after death condition in detail. Indeed, I have been getting many questions on the subject and I am considering the possibility of even making smaller book on just this topic.
      But for now what I can say is that you are correct in that one of those personalities does indeed go through a type of second death and that the reincarnational and the ghost effects that mediums and others are able to perceive, involved far more complicated processes that have to do with how each a personality faces death.
      It is indeed the case, at least from an alchemical perspective, that some of the ghost phenomena is the result of this one particular personality that does go through a kind of second death.

      1. Thank you. Whether it is a book, article or video, it will be very welcome. You write invaluable things. Looking forward to the third one.

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