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Success is a natural desire that we all have. We tend to define success as the ability to accomplish an aim or a goal. Some even define success as the attainment of wealth and profit, perhaps even the attainment of popularity and fame. The best definition of success is the ability to accomplish our desires and to fulfill our values in life. Success then goes beyond the accomplishment of a particular externally defined ideal, into the fulfillment of personal values.

As we look upon the world, we see that there are some people that are very successful while there are others that seemed to find no success at all. If we define success as the fulfillment of our values, we can say that there are some people out there that are successful even though they are not considered so by everyone else. Even in a time where we are continually coerced into a very limited set of beliefs, there is still a very large variation between my values and yours. Even though we can go on about the fact that most people are just interested in money and fame, it is still the case that many are interested in fulfilling other values that we might not consider important ourselves. Success therefore is a relative thing and each individual must decide for him or herself whether he/she has been successful in fulfilling these desires and values.

So what is it that makes one person successful and another person not so successful? Are there certain key points that one must keep in mind in order to become a success? I believe that there are and that these points don’t necessarily relate in any way to incredibly hard work are keeping your nose to the grindstone. While I believe that it is the case that focus is definitely a necessity, hard work is a relative thing; how much masochism is involved in value fulfillment can be directly related to personal beliefs. The most important key points to keep in mind when you want to attain success are:

1. Be able to expand self awareness. This is a most important point because without self-awareness there is really very little chance of that person identifying what his or her true values are. Without self-awareness you will not be able to discover your values and the beliefs that will shape those values into objective existence. Even though it is the case that simple desire can lead you towards value fulfillment, these values will never be fully realized until you truly understand the core issues within yourself that drive you in a particular direction. If success is an underlying feeling of personal fulfillment, then success cannot be fully achieved until you become completely self-aware of the values that shape your existence.

2. Through self-awareness you will be able to comprehend the extent of your ideals. With this understanding you will find it far easier to focus on specific desires and goals that will allow you to fulfill these ideals. This is the beginning of unbending intent. By focusing your will or intent in a particular direction, you begin to naturally move in that direction. Unbending intent is the ability to stay focused on this one particular goal until you have achieved success. Unbending intent is ‘deliberate’ single-mindedness , ‘precise’ action, and ‘sustained’ focus of your will in the direction of a particular desire or goal. You will not achieve success without unbending intent.

3.  Once you have focused your unbending intent into a particular goal, because you are self aware enough to discover the true nature of your values and desires, you will need to stay flexible so that you can adjust your course in relation to the obstacles that your face. Without flexibility you will not be able to achieve success because you will not be able to adjust yourself in order to surpass your environment. It is very hard to change the world around you, it is far easier to change yourself in order to navigate through this world. The most flexible creature will always be the most successful creature.

Success is a personal desire that we all have. Success cannot be defined through what we consider to be the correct external evidence. True success can only be measured in another by our empathic understanding of another person’s attainment of personal fulfillment. Personal success can only be achieved through your attainment of feelings of personal fulfillment within your own life. If you keep the three points above in mind, you will be able to find success in any aspects of your life.







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