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We all have a natural rhythm. Being able to follow this natural rhythm can make us much happier, and it can allow us to fulfill ourselves in ways that we didn’t think we could. Following your natural rhythm is really a way of being more natural and being kinder to ourselves; by considering ourselves important enough to be able to do what we want to do when we want to do it.

In order to follow your natural rhythm you must begin by asking yourself what you want to do at the moment. You must do something that most people are not used to doing, which is to ask yourself what your desires are at this moment. Most people are not used to doing this because they have become insensitive to their own needs; this happens because many people are so focused on their responsibilities that they have forgotten how to create pleasure for themselves. It is your first task then to try and become more sensitive to your own needs by discovering your desires at every moment.

By trying to satisfy your desires in the moment, you begin to follow your natural rhythm. Most of us are aware of our big desires, we all know that we would like to have more money or that we would like to have a new house, etc. Following your natural rhythm means that you have to be far more aware of your own feelings and therefore your own desires even of the small seemingly insignificant things. In order to become more natural you must become more present in the moment and through careful personal awareness find out what your body is telling you to do. It begins with something as simple as deciding where you want to be; do you want to sit down, do you want to stand up, is there a place that you want to go?

Contemplating such small things as this, will allow yourself to begin to really find out why you do everything in your life. For example most people will sit somewhere or be somewhere because they believed that this is the right thing to do, and not so much because this is what they want to do. We are all restrained by obligation and by what we think others want us to do, or what we think is proper. To truly be yourself you must find out what you truly want to do, not what you think others think you should do. You must do this with all the small things in your life and work your way up, but following your natural rhythm means that you will need to be far more aware of how you feel at every single moment of your life.

Another good way to discover your natural rhythm is just to be able to relax. Being able to relax in the moment and just let go, opens you up to your internal feelings and makes you far more aware. Open up yourself to the awareness at this moment and learn to just relax into it; first by understanding that every moment is special and has its own unique beauty, and by realizing that if you just let things happen naturally, all  will work out perfectly in it’s own way.

If there is something that you need to do, define it. By outlining exactly what it is that you need to do and making it concrete in your mind, you start the process of channeling your energies towards getting this goal accomplished. It is true that natural rhythm is all about spontaneity but natural rhythm also encompasses the ability to plan ahead and to get goals done. Many believe that it is impossible to be spontaneous and still get things done but it is easy to do this if you learn to define your objectives.

In order to get things done and still follow your natural rhythms, begin then by defining and planning your goals to the best of your ability. Now it is possible that you might define a task but that you might not want to do it in the moment. This is quite all right and you should follow this natural desire, true spontaneity is really the ability to decide for yourself, using your internal guidance, what it is that you want to do. If you don’t feel like doing something at the time then don’t do it.

The natural way to do something is to define your goal and then to vividly imagine yourself getting this goal done. If you don’t feel like doing something because it possibly bores you to death to even think of doing it; imagine yourself doing it as vividly as possible. In a very nice and casual way, imagine yourself doing this as often as you want to. Eventually by vividly imagining, you will find something very interesting, and that is that you will actually desire to do the things that you imagined. If you have become very good at being naturally spontaneous, you might find that you just get up for no particular reason and start doing what it is that you wanted to get accomplished.

Accomplishing goals in this way will begin to teach you about how we create our entire reality. You will realize the full power of your thoughts by seeing how they change your personal desires and put them in line with your intended, and vividly imagined, goals.

Following your natural rhythms means learning to do what you desire at every moment. Being your natural self can free you and make you feel incredibly happy because you discovere just how free you are at every moment. Spontaneity means that you can do anything at any time, that you have an incredible amount of freedom at every moment to do whatever you desire.

By vividly imagining your goals instead of trying to push or force yourself to do them, you discover the power of your thoughts to change your reality. In a natural way you accomplish things that in the past might have been difficult, because you grew up with the notion that in order to accomplish anything there needs to be pain and great effort. This effort is of course a lie, and is just a side effect of you not following your natural inclinations and not knowing how to use your mind properly to motivate yourself into action.

Next time that you feel resistance, do not push against it. That part that pushes back is actually a part that is reminding you of your natural self and your natural rhythms. Listen to what this part of you has to say and if it wants you to do something else then consider doing that something else, because this part of you is very wise and is only trying to help you. Feeling a huge amount of resistance means that your natural self trying to tell you that you are doing something that you don’t want to do. The harder that you push against this resistance, the harder that it will be to do anything. To force yourself to do anything is really an egotistical inclination that happens because we think we know better than our natural selves. This inclination is wrong of course. We are not being strong or wise here, what we are really doing is saying that; the world out there has told me that this is so and I trust them more than I trust my natural self.

You can get yourself to naturally do anything you want by using the imaginative technique that I mentioned above. There is no need to create resistance and to feel that you need to push yourself to get the right things done. Learn to follow your natural rhythms and you will greatly decrease the kind of resistance that you feel in life. This will increase your happiness, creativity, health, and competence. Learn to follow your natural rhythms and you will be reborn.







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