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You must realize that you are psychic. Many people have a natural internal feeling that tells them that they should be able to perceive more. Many also have a sense that there is more to life than they are allowing themselves to perceive.. These are natural feelings that hint at our desire as a human species to expand consciously and spiritually.

Science has become the new religion. It has created incredible marvels and allowed many of us to live a kind of luxurious life that would have seemed impossible to our recent ancestors. That being said, it has also created an establishment that has taken away much of the magic that goes along with our reality. It is possibly not fair to blame this on science since if you know enough about the precepts of science and logic you will realize that science can be quite open to paranormal data. Science, and good logic, does not make assumptions. Assumptions are only made by human beings not following the correct precepts of proper logical thought and science. The current establish bureaucracy, through bad scientific practice, does not allow any room for the spirit or any perceptions that are outside of its skeptic rationale.

Keeping the above in mind, it is most important that you realize that you are now essentially psychic. You are basically now able to perceive things that go far beyond the five senses. Like most people that are searching for a way to become psychic and to expand their psychic awareness, you have been diluted by a bureaucratic scientific organization that says that extrasensory perceptions is impossible.

In order to develop your extrasensory perception you must first and foremost realize that the only reason why you are not aware of these perceptions if that you do not believe that they are possible. Scientists, through proper scientific research, have discovered that the subconscious mind is aware of infinite detail, most of which is filtered out by the conscious mind. The infinite perceptive resources of the subconscious mind are currently beyond measure. This might sound like a fantastic statement but it is true nonetheless. It is known for a fact for example that the subconscious mind can remember perfectly every single thing that you have ever done or thought. This essentially means that you have total recall of every single nuance of your entire life. It is also known by science that the human eye can perceive partially into the infrared and the ultraviolet spectrum. These perceptions are a biological fact but the conscious mind filters out these perceptions, most of us are not even aware that these perceptions are possible.

Why is this important? Let’s for example contemplate the idea of auric perception or the ability by some to see phantasms or ghosts. If the subconscious is able to perceive some of the ultraviolet and the infrared spectrum, then it goes without saying that human visual perception is far more powerful than is currently believed. Paranormal researchers, using cameras that can see into the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, have discovered amazing apparitions. These apparitions are only perceivable with this special equipment, and seems to suggest that there is an energetic world just beyond our perception. Is it possible then that a psychic is just a person that has trained him or herself to perceive visual data that is usually censored by the conscious mind?

I believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I believe that this is just a tiny fraction of what is possible through human perception. If this is the case then it is quite possible that all of the psychic phenomenon reported throughout human history is in fact true perception by human beings. Human beings that have a natural talent or have developed the ability to control the subconscious censor.

If I am correct then the most imperative thing for anyone that wishes to develop their psychic abilities is to be able to control the subconscious censor. The most important way to begin to control the censor is to begin to first realized and truly believe that you are able to perceive far more than you currently believing you can. Changing your beliefs in this way should change the focus of your attention. This focus change should allow you to begin to become aware of sensitive energies and insights, through perceptions, that you have ignored in the past.






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