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Everyone in the world suffers from the fear of failure, it is perhaps one of the most often felt phobias. It is true that failing has a number of bad consequences and a fear of failure is a quite natural thing; that it is giving you both a warning signal and energetic impetus to try and get you to perform at your best. Unfortunately too much of this fear without the realization that this fear is actually an ally, can stop you from taking any kind of positive action and this can be something that will stop any great success in your life.

A good way to overcome this fear, or any fear for that matter, is to logically understand the reasons for your fear and then to objectively tell yourself that this fear is natural and that the price of action outweighs the price of failure. Here are some points to keep in mind the next time that you feel the fear of failure:

Fear is simply a part of the discsovery proces; there is no possibility of success without discovery. Success comes as we gain new knowledge and this new knowledge can only be gained by making mistakes, because it is through these mistakes that we find the correct path that leads towards the accomplishment of our goals. Success means being prepared to fail in order to learn from this failure.

You are good enough; even when things don’t seem to be going your way, remember that you are worthy and capable no matter what you might be believing at the time or even what others might be telling you. Fear of failure is usually directly related to the fear of being seen as a loser by others. Remember though that failing at anything means that you are actually trying to do something that is possibly new and difficult for you, and this is quite often something that those that are judging you are not willing to do.

You can succeed; always remember that initial failure does not mean that you will fail completely. As I said failure is just a way to recognize a better way to approach or do something. If you try your best and you stay strong then it is more than likely that you will succeed at whatever you attempt. If success means learning, which is indeed the case, then it could be said that there is no failure because no matter what happens, you will always learn something new from whatever you attempt.

If you avoid failure then you avoid new possibilities; if ever you wish to get over the fear of failure then contemplate how much you will lose if you do not act. The fear of failure is nothing compared to the fear of having never accomplished anything, of having never experienced anything new; of living a life of despondent comfort.

Do not be afraid to let others down; it is quite often the case the we feel the fear of failure because we think that when we fail we shall let others down. Remember though that the best thing that you can do for others is to become a better individual yourself. There is no way to accomplish this unless you are willing to take a chance and do something outside of your comfort zone.

The best way to overcome the fear failure is to logically and objectively look at the reasons why you are afraid and then to realize that this fear is not capable of stopping you. If you are doing something that you truly wish to do and that you know will expand your abilities, then objectively you will see that this fear is just a good warning to help you perform your best but that it is not a barrier that can stop you.







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