Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

The only way to truly become excellence is to develop your intellect. You must learn to keep your mind occupied and to always give it new things to work on and new ideas to contemplate. Excellence can be achieved by exercising your brain, developing your mind, and always working on expanding your intellect. In this way you will develop new levels of excellence in all your personal endeavors.

There are many forms of excellence, but all have a direct link to your intellect and the kind of level of consciousness that you can bring to anything in your life. Even strictly physical endeavors can benefit from the development of your intelligence because this increased intelligence will allow you to find better ways to achieve better results. Greater intelligence will teach you how to focus your mind better and therefore allow your body to function better.

Always try to keep your brain occupy. Exercise your brain by doing things that tax it capabilities just like you with tax your body’s physical capabilities in order to improve its function. The simplest way to do this is to get yourself a book on mental games which you can do on your spare time. Try to find an exercise that you find fun but at the same time difficult, it is an interesting realization that a game like this will create a regimen of exercise that you can actually feel. You should be able to notice larger amounts of blood rushing your brain, which means that your brain is using more oxygen in order to perform whatever task you are asking of it. Think of your brain as a giant muscle that requires regular doses of exercise, just like every other muscle in your body.

You have a natural desire to want to learn and try new things. It feels good to try new things and learn new things and if you follow your natural inclinations you will see that you will naturally want to exercise that big gray muscle in your head. There are many benefits to exercising your mind and trying to grow your intelligence; you will be able to contemplate new ideas, expand your ability to perceive, find solutions to problems, feel freer and more powerful. If your mind is kept busy trying to learn new things it will not focus on the negativity that you might be finding around you and it will instead focus on solutions not the problems.

Make a list of all the things that you want. Think of all the things that you might want to have in your life and write down this list on paper for your reference. Once you have this list, use your mind and your intellect to try and creatively attaining your desires. Focus your intellect and your creativity on ways to try and fulfill your desires and to bring the things that you have written in this list into your life. Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool and if you start to focus it into the things that you want, you will have a powerful ally the will do everything it can to make all your desires come true.

A good way to try and figure out how to attain your desires and goals is to think about these desires and to work your way backwards so that you can construct a plan that will get you to where you want to go. Using this method and others, focus on your ingenuity. This is a wonderful exercise because it does two things; first it is a great way to start getting the things that you want in life, and second it is a wonderful way to tax your intellect and mind.

In order to become excellent, you must begin to develop your brain, your mind, and therefore your entire intellect. Keeping your mind on an objective, taxing yourself in order to attain your objectives, using creativity and ingenuity, you become more powerful and more yourself. Excellence comes through the development of personal consciousness, expanding your being by becoming more yourself.







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