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Empathy is an incredibly powerful tool. It is the ability to see from the perspective of the other and in this way to be able to experience, to a greater or lesser degree, what the other is experiencing. Some would have you believe that empathy is dangerous and that it can cloud your ability to function correctly. This fear is expounded because there’s a belief that the ego, or your personal self, will become completely overwhelmed by what you feel while you are experiencing things from the other perspective.

Science tells us that empathic ability is impossible. That at best empathy is just a form of very creative imagining and that this kind of information could not be substantiated and therefore it is mostly useless. Science uses experiment, and logic to be able to arrive at its conclusions. While its methodology, when done and performed correctly, is very powerful and illuminating, it is not as powerful as the human ability to sense through great empathic ability. Logical deduction and induction can never compare to the direct knowledge that is available to anyone who is able to project his or her consciousness into the other and in that way access information directly from the source.

Logical deduction or induction is achieved through stationary consciousness. What this means is that the self (or the ego) looks from within its shell into the outer world and uses different techniques in logical processing to try and come up with new information. Experimentation through trial and error can then prove or disprove these logical hypotheses. Empathic understanding on the other hand is made possible by an expansion of the self (or the ego), by sending forth a part of self that is able to become one with the object of its scrutiny. The person doing this empathic expansion is then able to perceive his or her own ego while at the same time he or she is able to experience the other as well.

Empathic awareness is far more dynamic and vital than current accepted methods of external perception. It naturally involves the imagination and combines these imaginative thoughts and directly experienced feelings in order to give you a very clear picture of the perceptions of the other. Through these perceptions you are able to directly become aware of data that could not be attained through logical deduction or induction. This gathered data could also be experimented upon so that fine scrutiny of the data could be made. Unfortunately since this type of information gathering is seen as unreliable, impossible, and dangerous, we are all segregated from this incredible human tool.

Empathic understanding and awareness is perhaps one of the strongest information gathering tools that we have as humans. Einstein did not discover and formulate his great ideas through logical induction or deduction, he used empathic intuition and in this way was able to directly perceive the nature of the photon. His mathematical work later confirmed his theories but it was in no way responsible for discovering these theories. Empathy is a great tool that is at your disposal, learn to use it and you will discover an entire universe that had been hidden from you until now.

If you want to discover a little more about empathy and empathic awareness I suggest you read the article entitled, “Empathy.”


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