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There is a very powerful energy that many people are beginning to work with. This energy is usually referred to as ‘love’ energy and can be equated with the warmth of the heart that we feel for someone we love. This is indeed a type of great energy and must be separated from the petty sentimentality’s of the ego which is a completely different thing altogether. This energy is beyond man and exists as a type of internal nourishment and cohesive power that helps connect all the things around us.

This energy is usually seen as pink in color; pink not like paint but the pink color of radiating light, sort of like the beautiful pink that you sometimes see during sunset.

There are those that are beginning to work with this energy on a greater and greater basis. As a result they are beginning to discover new ways to make this energy available on a greater and greater basis to all the people in their lives. If you are one of these people, do realize that this is an energy that can be accumulated and used to bring great benefit to all the people around you.

It is possible that you might wish to help someone heal from an illness. It is also possible that you might wish to help someone out who is financially in distress. Whatever the case there is no fear of error with this type of energy and you can use it to help anyone that you think might need it. Sending this energy to a person or even a group of people will help them in the most remarkable ways. What is most interesting about this prayer or meditative practice, is that you are sending pure love energy out from yourself and you are letting this energy help that other person in the way that they most need that help. In other words you are not visualizing money upon them or health or whatever else you think they need but what you are doing is sending them pure loving energy that will allow them to receive that which they most need at the moment.

While I do call this a type of prayer, there is no religious connotation here at all. Prayers and this loving energy of which I speak are talked about by all great religions. I am going to show you a method here that will allow you to accumulate this loving energy within yourself and then project it to someone that you think needs it. This method has no denominational dogma and can be done by anyone without fear that they are somehow not being true to their beliefs. The most important aspect of this particular prayer is that you create that loving feeling within yourself before you project this energy onto others.

  1. Create a feeling of love or warmth in the center of your chest in the area very close to your heart. Imagine that you are breathing in through your heart and as you do so you are bringing in this loving energy into yourself. Visualize this wonderful energy as a glowing pink aura which accumulates and emanates from your heart and eventually surrounds your entire body. The feeling of being completely surrounded and consumed by this loving pink energy is very important so make sure that you master this step before you go on.
  2. Once you have this glowing energy about you, visualize as clearly as you can in your mind’s eye the person or group that you wish to help.
  3. Intend or will that a portion of your aura in the form of this beautiful pink light is sent to the individual or group that you wish to help. Feel love for this person or group and keep visualizing that wonderful pink light surrounding them until it encapsulates that person or group in a beautiful glowing pink aura.
  4. Dismiss all thoughts of what you just have done from your mind and think of it as mission accomplished.

It is possible that you will have to do this prayer/visualization every day for a number of days before you feel satisfied that the person or group has received the energy that you wish to give them. When this visualization/prayer is done correctly, it can have amazing results on the other person. The important thing is to never try to send this love energy with a particular desire in mind. That is do not try to send this energy with the hope that it creates something specific for the other person. This energy must be given freely and it is up to the other person’s inner being to use this energy in the best way possible to create exactly what they need in order to help them best.

It is sometimes the case that the only changes that you might see in the recipient of your prayer is on the emotional level. If this is the case then you should not fret because it just means that this was the most important use of the energy that you had provided. All external healing must come from within first so any internal change or emotional healing can be an incredible gift indeed. It is also interesting to note that using this technique to help others will also help you to receive an inflow of what can only be described as great spiritual strength.


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