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Don’t be scared to be alone.  There is a big difference between being alone and being lonely.  To be alone is a good thing, it gives you time and the space needed to perform things that you cannot do around others.  Loneliness is an emotional response that is usually brought around by a feeling of self pity.

There are many times in our lives when we need to be alone.  Sometimes it seems like these alone periods in our lives happen on purpose or perhaps for a bigger reason.  I believe that these alone times happen because our inner self wishes to give our ego (external self) the time to contemplate and get ready for the changes that are coming, or perhaps the changes that have already happened.  These changes can either be physical ones where we are most likely making some kind of big move in our lives or mental changes that mean a large change in how we perceive our present, past, and future.

When you do find yourself alone then, make sure that you use this time wisely.  Make sure that you take the time to contemplate yourself and where you find yourself at this moment.  Also look into the future and make sure that you feel confident about where you are going, that you have the strength and the capabilities to tackle anything that the future might send your way.  To do this it is often necessary to look at the past to examine both successes and failures and to try and learn from these.  There is no better time to do this then when you are alone and have the ability to examine your life in peace and tranquility.

It is my belief that you should always use this time to refine and focus on your path.  Your path is really a focused objective where you are trying to fulfill your values, your desires, and attain happiness.  This is a very good thing because as I had said in other articles, in order to be able to accomplish anything you need to make constant evaluations of where you are at the moment.  With this evaluation, you can see if you are still on course, and decide whether you need to make any corrections to get where you want to go.  Your path and fulfilling your values is really the most important thing in your life, it is therefore imperative that you take this time when you are alone to re-calibrate your objectives.

Always realize that there is a big difference between being alone and being lonely.  There is literally a whole universe in your head, that you can access to find incredible magic and beauty.  This world is at your disposal if you are willing to open up to your imagination.  You can find this world by using those quiet and alone times to stop the mental chatter.  Simply let go for a while and allow those things and thoughts inside your mind the freedom that they need to be able to express themselves to you.  Some would call this daydreaming, but that tends to have negative connotations, I would rather call it self contemplation.  This self contemplation will allow you to bring those inner thoughts out into your conscious awareness.  Just remember to stay focused on remembering what you are daydreaming about, or else you will forget as easily as you forget regular dreams.

Perhaps in the future, you will desire to be more alone.  It can actually be an addictive thing, because it is very relaxing and very healing to have this time to yourself.  The bigger the thinker that you are the more that you will appreciate these moments, and the more that you will want to contemplate the world and your place in.  So don’t be afraid to be alone because this is the time that is given to you to find yourself and your place in the world.






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