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Having a good scheduling system can be the difference between getting things done and failing at whatever it is that you do. We all have a desire to accomplish things. We sometimes have plans or big ideas that we would like to see come to fruition. Many have these great ideas and plans but are never able to get anything done, as a result they think that they are dreamers that will never be able to accomplish anything because they just don’t have the power or the discipline to get things done. Most don’t realize though that the reason that they are not getting things done is because they’re not scheduling their activities and are not planning properly.

In order to get anything done you have to have a good schedule. Try to be very creative in the way that you maintain a schedule, create unique reminders and have all sorts of different calendar systems that work best for you. While it might seem that scheduling and keeping a good record of things can be quite boring, the reality is that most find scheduling boring because they are following some antiquated system that makes them yawn. If you are able to be creative, using different colors and different personal schemes, you can create a scheduling system for yourself that can be quite fun to do. There is no reason to do the typical calendar entry for example, you can create all sorts of fun and interesting ways to schedule your tasks and to implement your new strategies. Try using large boards, create collages, use different colors and different material, experiment with funky sticky notes. Get as creative as you want and turn your scheduling system into a personal art form.

The art of good scheduling can be the art of discovering your personal intuition. As you think of something to do or as you get a flash of a great new strategy, write it down. Now! Write intuitive flashes down so that you have them on paper and you don’t forget about them. It is easy to forget something when you have a flash of insight and then you try to tell yourself that you will do it in the future. Flashes of insight and intuitive feelings are sort of like dreams, if we don’t write them down we soon forget them. If you have a good scheduling system you can add these intuitive flashes into your schedule or your calendar and then try to find the connections that will allow them to work perfectly in order to accomplish your tasks.

Having a good scheduling system allows you to break down your projects into steps. This is an amazingly useful way to accomplish complex tasks. If you are able to break down a complex task into small chunks, you can do anything. By breaking things down you make that final task or goal seem much easier to accomplish. You are also able to focus on smaller individual tasks that are easier to manage and far easier to accomplish. With a good scheduling system you can even create project sheets for really complex ventures. What this means is that you can devote larger paper space to break down and create positive strategies for large complex projects, this act expands the amount of time that you contemplate this large project. More time equals better strategy and less worry. Again allow your creative mind to work on these project sheets so that you come up with interesting ways to showcase the goals and strategies to yourself. Develop a functional schedule that will showcase the strategies that you have developed and the ways that you have broken down this large goal into smaller chunks. This can be a really fun process if you allow your creativity to take over.

Getting something accomplished is a great feeling. Showing yourself that you are capable of creating something does amazing things for your confidence. You are no longer a dreamer without direction or reason. You become a doer that can accomplish whatever you desires. The first step to getting anything done is developing a great scheduling system, one that you will enjoy and one that will work very well for you. Develop your own personal scheduling system and with it you will be able to accomplish even very large and difficult tasks.







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