Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

We all have a lot left to learn. Through many stages in our lives, we believe that we know all there is to know about everything. This sometimes happens when we are young and we believe we have everything figured out, and it also happens as we age and we believe that we know everything because we have experienced everything. Anytime that we let ourselves believe that we know everything and we have nothing left to learn, is the time when we’re the most vulnerable. The reason for this vulnerability is the fact that this is the time we can be blindsided by something that we just did not see coming.

The world is and will always be a world of infinite possibilities, anytime that we are not believing this to be the case is a time that we have deluded ourselves. This delusion is usually created by lack of awareness, where we are not able to see things outside of our routine understanding. This routine is a great friend and can bring us great comfort so that we are able to experience our lives in an emotionally stable environment. But this same routine, that creates so much emotional comfort, also cuts us off from seeing new things; which are usually unexpected and chaotic and therefore create emotional instability.

No matter what our age is, we all have a lot to learn. In order to keep learning we must therefore try not to implement such rigid personal beliefs and routines. This can be a scary thing because as I said it can take us out of our comfort zone, but this is a small price to pay to overcome ignorance.

You must constantly pursue ‘the new’. New ideas and things represent new energy that has just been introduced into your mind. They are good because they remind you there is more to life than you are currently perceiving. New ideas also allow you to make connections and create new possibilities. Any new thought in your mind will expand your mind and this expansion will be like scaffolding that allows all sorts of new concepts to be incorporated. Without this expansion of the new, there is a type of stasis created where new concepts have no place to tether themselves to your mind making new growth impossible.

Try not to judge things so quickly. Personal judgment is a very quick way for you to stop yourself from learning new things. By judging the new, you make it common place and therefore make yourself feel better by thinking that you have it all covered. Judgment means that you are taking old ideas and you are trying to impose them on new ones. Judgment is inherently not a bad thing in and of itself of course, it is the way that you express your individuality; by placing a personal touch and all things that you experience. This judgment can become a hindrance to new thoughts and to new ideas though when it is allowed free reign without objective control. You must always ask yourself whether the judgment that you just made, of the new, is just old mental routine or objective thoughts on your part.

The old adage goes, “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks”. This is very true if the old dog will not allow old routines to be replaced by new ideas and concepts. We all have a lot to learn we do not have enough time in our very short lives to let old stagnant routine control how we see the world. Take the time to contemplate and question, both your own thoughts and beliefs, and anything new that you discover. Keep your mind fresh by always learning as much as you can about the reality around you.







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