Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

We all have a limited time on this earth.  There are only so many hours in a day.  We all have personal values that are very important to us, and we all have personal desires that we wish to satisfy and goals that we wish to accomplish.  Is very important that we schedule our time properly so that we do not waste any of the small amount of time that we have on planet earth.

You must schedule your time or else you will wake up one day and you will realize that most of your life has passed you by, and all the things that you wished you had done will go unaccomplished.  You can waste a huge amount of time watching TV and playing video games. Now I am not saying that watching TV or playing video games is bad, but what I am saying is that doing this type of stuff too much can make you feel like you wasted your life away.  We all need fun, entertainment, and play.  These things are the foundations of our lives and they are in many ways the best reasons for living.  What you need to do though is to make sure that you give yourself time to accomplish those things that might bring you even greater joy.

We are all different and we must choose for ourselves what we want from our lives.  I can’t tell you what to do or what is most important in life, we all need to choose these things for ourselves. What I think will make you happiest though, is to try and fulfill those things that bring you the greatest joy.  Nothing is off limits and if you wish to play video games then it is quite possible that this will be how you satisfy all your needs.

What I am suggesting is that you take a good look at what you wish to accomplish, and you do your best to try and accomplish these things because this is what you really want to do.  Once you know what you wish to do, and you are confident that it is your desire and not the desire that someone else has imposed on you, try and learn to schedule your actions.  Only by creating a schedule and by staying on this schedule will you be able to do all the things that you want in this life.  Without the schedule you won’t have direction and your life will seem to end way too quickly.

The best use of your time in my opinion is to educate yourself.  To learn as much as you can about all the things that you love in life and to teach yourself how to become more and more successful with every passing day.  Try to become the best that you can at one thing that will bring you money and that will allow you to have the resources that you need to do anything that you want in life.  Scheduling time for this purpose will set you free and inspire you with the knowledge that you can accomplish anything that you want in life. 

No one regrets failing as much as they regret not doing anything that all.  Ask any older person in your life; what they will most often tell you is that their greatest regret was not doing something.  If you waste your time you are really wasting your life, learn to schedule your days so that you are able to get the greatest joy from your life.









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