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In my earlier article, What Will Really Happen on 2012, I wrote about certain theories, myths (most possibly facts) that I have been following concerning the 2012 enigma. I told you that there are certain schools of thought and certain information that seems to show that there might be an incredible shift taking place on December 21, 2012. I told you that this had to do with the ‘Platonic Year’ and with the ‘Axial Rotation’ of the Earth.

In this article I want to go into more depth as to what this might mean for us in the future and what it might have meant for us in our past. Of all of the theories that I have researched, when it comes to future prophecies or ancient history, I find this one to be the most intriguing.

As I had mentioned this shift involves a 26,000 year cycle which can be divided into two separate 13,000 year events. Basically for 13,000 years we have been facing away from the ‘Black Sun’ and are therefore in a negative progression where there is great strife and conflict on the Earth. Then like a slow spinning top, the axis of the Earth begins to point towards the Black Sun and we are in a Positive half cycle; during this half of the cycle, humanity becomes enlightened, old and ancient truths are re-realized and humanity is able to accomplish amazing things.

If we are indeed beginning the slow turn into a positive half cycle on December 21, 2012, then it is the beginning of a slow recovery for humanity. Just like the winter’s solstice which takes place on this date, the ending of the Mayan long count represents our farthest axial turn away from light and positive energy. And just like the summer/winter cycle, here we begin a slow turn into light and positive energy.

It is interesting to note that while this date marks the turn into more light, just like the winter’s solstice axial change, it does not mean instant warmth and positivity. Most people that live far up North, like me, will tell you that even though the winter’s solstice is the beginning of more light and warmth, it takes a long while before you start feeling this positive change. For example; the solstice is in December but the coldest month of the year here in the North is usually January. So even though we are transitioning, winter still sends one last powerful blow before it gives up its ferocity, and we finally begin to feel more light and warmth.

Metaphorically this is perhaps worth noting. If 2012 is our winter’s solstice as it were, then we can expect more strife and darkness before we really start to feel the positive half cycle really kick in. Now if we continue with this comparison and we compare 6 months to 13,000 years; we can expect the next few thousand years to be very difficult for the human race indeed. Just like January is a hard month, so these years will be hard ones for all involved.

But what keeps us all going through this dark month is the hope and the realization that things are getting better; the sun doesn’t go down at 4:30 pm anymore, now it’s going down at 4:45 pm, and the light of the sun is getting stronger and lasting longer all the time. So it is possible then that the first few thousand years in the beginning of the new positive half cycle will be filled with much or more suffering and strife than now. We must all remember though that things are getting better and that they will continue to get better and better all the time.

I don’t hope to disillusion anyone, this is all a theory on my part. What is fact, is that life is getting very interesting. It is estimated that there is more information at our disposal now in one day than all of the information that was available to a person in a lifetime 100 years ago. And it is also estimated that the total sum of all information on the planet now doubles every 2 years. New things are being discovered, created, and thought up every day at a phenomenal rate. It truly does seem like we are beginning to become aware (to remember?) of huge sums of information and therefore potential. I just finished watching a video on 3D printing; try to tell me that this is not sounding very much like a Star Trek replicator!

Our potential is endless and I think that we are just becoming aware of that. While ‘living during interesting times’ might be an interesting faux Chinese curse**, I think that being here during this amazing time is fantastic. I believe that we all chose to be here and I also think that most of you are as excited by the possibilities as I am.

The Black Sun enigma has also much to tell us about our ancient history. For thousands of years man has wondered about those that came before. We have all wondered at the marvelous ancient mega-structures and at the amazing art and myth that seem to permeate our prehistoric world. Many have speculated about ancient aliens and perhaps hollow Earth societies. The work done by Von Daniken seems to show that many of the giant structures of the past (for example: The Sphinx, Stonehenge, and an number of giant structures in South America) were built 12 to 13 thousand years ago.  Is it a coincidence that these dates fall in line with the 13,000 years half cycle that I have proposed?

Did some of these ancient civilizations survive the dark cycle? Are some of those myths about Atlantis and Shambalah just old stories about our ancient ancestors that lived during the time of the positive half cycle?

I hope that I have peaked your interest and that you will want to explore some of these ideas. Remember that we now have seemingly infinite information at our disposal, perhaps you will want to exercise some of your power.

** faux because the supposedly ancient Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”, was actually invented by the English writer Ernest Bramah.


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