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You need balance. The most important thing that you can devote your time to is balancing your life. This means that you need to examine and prioritize depending on your needs. Balance is the ability to finely tune your time and efforts so that you are getting what you want out of life.

You could picture for example one of those circus performers; he is on a high wire, spinning ten plates on long skinny sticks and balancing a chair on his chin. Most people could identify with this amazing character and agree to the fact that their lives can often be just as perilous. Certainly we are all trying to do many things in our lives while at the same time we are forced to perform tasks that assure our survival.

Like this crazy circus performer, you have to be able to balance everything perfectly. If you don’t, you can be sure that you will drop those plates and come crashing down with a chair on your head. In order to be this amazing performer, you need to distribute the weight of your efforts. You need to be able to take stock of all of the things that you have to hold up and make sure that there is equal amounts on both sides of your body. If you get too weighted on any one thing, then you won’t be able to maintain your precarious position.

You also need to make sure that you are standing in a solid place. Sure the amazing performer stands on a thin rope high up in the air, but as long as he knows that the rope will hold and he can balance himself, all is well. You too must make sure that you find yourself in a solid place. That place is different for all of us but the most important thing is that you know that it is secure enough for you. The performer can balance perfectly on that thin wire and is therefore assured of his position, you might find yourself in a place that might seem risky to others as that thin wire; the trick is that you know better, just like the performer, you know that your place is secure enough for you and you can balance there for as long as you need to.

Most importantly, all this balancing is about having fun. The circus performer could go work at MacDonald’s or something but he would rather be where he is.  We are all here for the challenge of it after all, we want to experience the excitement of challenging ourselves and seeing if we are able to surpass our expectations.  The performer could also do less; he doesn’t have to spin 10 plates, he could do two, or perhaps the chair on the chin is just a bit too much. But we are all wanting to see just how far we can push it.

But when things do seem to be out of balance; when you have taken on too much, when you find that you are not in a safe place, or when you just aren’t having fun anymore, then you have to rebalance your life. Do this by finding out where you stand and how much effort you are devoting to every task in your life. If there is too much work but not enough fun, then you need to re-balance so that your efforts are more in line what you want and need. Try to find balance in all aspects of your life and remember that a big part of the reason that you came here was to see if you could pull this amazing performance off.






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