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Whenever we have problems with other people, it is usually the case that we are not taking the time to look at things from the other person’s perspective. If you take the time to look at things from the other person’s perspective, you will see that they have the same desires needs and emotions as you do. In order to be successful in any relationship, whether this is a business or intimate relationship, you need to be able to take that person’s feelings into consideration or there will be conflict.

Imagine that you wake up in the morning and you find yourself in a completely alien environment. Perhaps you woke up in the middle of the woods somewhere and you are somehow expected to do something that is completely new to you. If you contemplate what you might be feeling at that moment, you will get a very good idea of what someone might be feeling when they’re being told what to do. Now it will probably not be as extreme as the scenario that I am creating but by trying to put yourself in that situation you can have a basic understanding of what it would be like to be commanded to do something that is completely outside of your element. You might also realize what it would be like to be thrust into something without your input in any way.

Explain your decisions, don’t just assume that a person should follow your commands or conclusion because it is clear in your head. Always make sure that you take the other person’s feelings and thoughts into consideration because that person does not have access to your thoughts and beliefs. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and from that perspective see how they might be interpreting your actions or decisions. If you are having trouble seeing things from the other person’s perspective, try to imagine yourself again in that alien environment, being told what to do without any explanation whatsoever. Would you not feel angry, frustrated, perhaps even a bit frightened. You might even feel like a child without any power who has to put up with something that they do not find logical or just.

When you are in a relationship with anyone, you have a certain amount of power and as such you have a certain amount of responsibility. If you are a boss or a leader in business, you have a responsibility to treat all those that you are in charge of fairly. One of your greatest responsibilities becomes making sure that the other person understands your decision and is not completely blindsided by what they might be expected to do or put up with. If you do not explain any decisions that you make, there will be conflict in whatever relationship that you have. A friendship or an intimate relationship of any kind will not last when you assume that you can decide on anything without having to explain yourself to the other person. Your leadership position in business will also be compromised if you do not explain your decisions to others.

Take the time to explain your reasoning and the emotions that you are feeling. It might seem like a difficult thing, to open up to others so freely, but it is essential that you take into consideration what others might be feeling at the time. No one likes to feel like they are unimportant. This is how you make another person feel when you make decisions without taking them into consideration.

You might think that as a leader you can get away with this kind of action but as a leader it is even more important that you consider the feelings of the other people around you. This is so because as a leader you are incredibly dependent on those people that below you. If they do not act properly then you will fail and this failure will ensure that your leadership position will soon be over.

Whenever you make a decision, make sure that you explain yourself to others. Understand that the only way that you can have a decent relationship with others is if you consider their perspective on a regular basis. If your decisions are to be taken seriously and obeyed then you will need the cooperation of others. You will not have this cooperation unless you are able to explain to them why you have come to the conclusions that you have. Explain yourself and tell them what you think you would like to know if you were in that person’s shoes. In this way your relationships will succeed and your decisions will be respected and acted upon.








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