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To complain is natural. Complaining just means that you are at odds with whatever is happening at the moment. Complaining then really is a form of self empowerment where you express your feelings in order to motivate yourself and others to change a situation.

Complaints though can have a negative side, where too much complaining and very little doing becomes the norm. When this is the case a complaint is just really away to drain your energy and the energy of others. Besides being very draining, too much complaining can stifle creativity and stop you from looking beyond the problem in order to see the solutions. Too much complaint without action can also block good advice, where you do not allow others to give you assistance of any kind because you are too busy going on and on about your problems.

One of the best ways to stop your complaining and the complaining of others is to turn every complaint into a question. Unlike typical complaints, questions always stimulate instead of stifle. A good question will allow you to focus on solutions to your problems and in this way stimulate you to take on whatever problem in an energetic manner. Turning a complaint into a question is therefore a wonderful way to turn a negative and draining experience into a challenge. Seeing life and obstacles as a challenge allows you to overcome all emotional difficulties by focusing all your resources into fixing the problem and seeing outside the box.

Next time that you find yourself complaining about something, try to see if you can turn the complaint into a question. Instead of saying, “the neighbors next door are so loud”. Ask yourself instead, “what can I do to find rest in my home?” In this way you will be inspired to look for answers and to attack this problem as a challenge. Instead of complaining and just feeling negative, with this question you can motivate yourself to take action so that you do not need to experience these kinds of problems again.

Next time that you find yourself in front of a person who is complaining, instead of just joining in or getting affected by their negative energy, turn their complaint into a question. By doing this you will very quickly defuse any negative energy that they are creating through their continual complaint. Others will see you as self-confident and a natural leader.

Complaints without action, that are repeated over and over again, are just big wastes of energy. This kind of action will never solve any problems because in reality it is no action at all. It is easy to identify the kind of complaint that I am talking about, because this complaint is usually done by yourself in your own head or in situations where the complaint has no power at all. A good complaint is a complaint made to those that can affect change, while a negative complaint is made for no apparent reason other than to just begin a cycle of negative energy.

If you complain often enough to yourself, but take no action at all to correct the situation, you will end up feeling very powerless. What you are doing here is basically making a complaint to the wrong person; you. In order to feel powerful again, you need to be able to take action on these complaints. The best way to do this is to turn any complaint that you have into a question. By turning a complaint into a question you increase your sense of power as you tackle and overcome the challenge, and therefore increase your happiness.







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