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There are times when old memories can haunt us. This is usually the case when we can’t seem to let go of things that we have done in the past, or things that have been done to us in past. These old ghosts or skeletons can make any future progress difficult and can cause us great heartache.

Here is an interesting little technique that might allow you to get over these old skeletons. It should help you to let go of these negative memories and create some space so that you can move on with your life.

1. Take a piece of paper and on it right the old memory or ‘skeleton’ that is hard to deal with. Below this write all the reasons why this happened; specifically write down what caused the problem and the reasons why you think it happened to you personally. Always remember to explore your feelings so that you get more insightful reasons as to why this could happen. At the bottom of the page, in big letters, write “IT’S DONE.”

Take this piece of paper and rip it with a solemn emotional desire to have it be over with. If you wish to you can take this piece of paper and burn it and as you see it burn again try to experience the emotion of relief as this old skeleton is blown away. You might also want to take this piece of paper and bury it. I suggest you go to a nice quiet place that is more natural and has lots of vegetation. Bury it there and let the Earth swallow it back.

2. Now take another piece of paper and on it write,  “I wish I would have_________”. on this paper write all of the things that you wish you would have done if you would find yourself in that situation again. Now that you are removed from the situation and can look at it in a more objective manner, try to figure out new ways that you might deal with this situation so that you would not have to go through the same heart ache and pain again. You can keep this piece of paper with you and use it in the future. It is essentially a way for you to discover solutions to old and troubling situations. In this way you will feel less powerless as you discover better ways to deal with something that hurt you in the past.

3. Now take a third piece of paper and on it write, “I regret______”. on this paper write down all the things you regret not doing in this situation. Honestly write down all of the things that you feel you did not do because you were either scared or you did not think of them at the time. At the bottom of this piece of paper write, “that was then this is now!”

Take this piece of paper and rip it. Do with it the same thing that you did with the first piece of paper.

This is a great way to get over old skeletons that have been haunting in the past. It is both a cleansing ritual and a way to find out how to overcome this problem or situation if you ever face in the future. Use this method to attack any old and troubling memory that is holding you back from moving on in your life. Use this method to stop an old memory from haunting you.







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