Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

I would like to share with you an exercise that I like to call, “Happy Calisthenics”. Sometimes it is very difficult to break a sad mood or a depressive state. Anyone who has found him/herself in the throes of a large depression, knows that stopping this kind of nasty blue state can be almost impossible. Most just opt to wait it out in the hopes that if they are patient enough it will go away.

The problem is that waiting around for these depressive states can be a bad thing. Often you make the situation worse by segregating yourself. If people don’t have experience in re-focusing their minds, they tend to spend this time by themselves focusing more and more on those things that put them in a bad state to begin with. Waiting then for things to get better is not the answer.

What you really need to do is to break the depressive routine. All things in life are given strength by the power of routine. This is the constant and repetitive action, whether mental or physical, that allows any state like this to develop a type of identity. Think of it as sort of like a recording; pressing play is a particular trigger like seeing something or having someone say something; after the play button is hit the body and mind robotically go through a very specific set of actions that initiate and enforce this depression or whatever bad mood is affecting you.  In order to destroy this depression then you have to destroy the routine that perpetuates it.

A great way to break a bad routine, or any routine for that matter, is to do something that is completely different from what makes up this particular routine. Happy calisthenics do this by having you perform a physical action that you normally would not do in that situation. These calisthenics are going to make you do something weird, silly, and perhaps even funny at a time when you definitely don’t feel like being any of these things.

It also works well because as I have told you before, the bodies physiology or body language has the amazing ability to change its mental and therefore emotional state. Changing your body postures and using stances that are highly different from your depressive routine will create a type of ‘state break’ that will literally jar you out of where you are mentally and emotionally at the moment.

First get yourself in a place where you can be by yourself. Then before you engage in any thinking at all, stand up straight and tall and put your arms straight up over your head. Bring your arms down, turn your head to the left, then to the right. Now puff out your cheeks, hold it, blow the air out in a big woosh and a smoothly as you can, start doing the twist. Start singing a little ‘Cubby Checker’ (look him up and youtube how to do the twist if you don’t know what I am talking about) and really get into the twist, try some new moves. Continue to do this for a least half a minute, then transition into a modern dance and do something like, ‘the flower opening its petals to the sun’. Finnish with some ballet twirls, remember to put your arms up, good posture is key in ballet. Finally finish by standing tall and straight again and force a big crazy grin on your face. Hold that grin for half a minute, and if you can laugh like the joker a few times.

Now this might seem funny now but when you are in a horrible funk it will just seem stupid. What you think here really doesn’t matter, just do it. Afterwards you might not feel that happy but you will feel a kind of shock, like you are disoriented and aren’t quite sure what to do. It is crucial that you don’t let yourself slide back into the depression routine again. Move on out of there as fast as you can and start doing something else.

If you are suffering from a horrible depression, if you think that things are beyond hope, then I dare you to do happy calisthenics in public.  Find a nice crowded street corner and do a fine Irish jig for all to admire and enjoy, try and keep a straight face, be professional. You will be cured faster than you can imagine. Happy calisthenics break routine, destroy the ego, and cure depression, so try it. I dare you!





It is very difficult to get rich through hard work. You have to be able to come up with some kind of idea that will get you get you to the next level. Your imagination is the key.

First you have to get yourself out of poverty if you find yourself there. In order to do this you have to be able to find some work and to get paid well. You need to find a way to support yourself and your family, for this you will need to work. So yes this part of the equation does require that you do something to get paid. The idea is that you want to get to a point where you are past subsistence living.

Many of us find ourselves in this position. Anyone that has a 9 to 5 job most likely is doing this work in order to pay the bills and get by. Because most of us grew up hearing our parents telling us that an honest job was essential to good living, this kind of work ethic tends to come naturally to most.

The unfortunate thing is that most parents forget to tell their children that it is next to impossible to get rich doing this. It is possible that you might work your way up a certain company and eventually become executive management. This has been done and you could do it too if you have the talent. This however is quite a difficult thing and most fail.

What you need to realize is that once you have managed to find a job that allows you to pay for all your needs, you need to dedicate any extra time that you have to becoming wealthy. The fact of the matter is that if you stay at a regular job and try to work yourself into abundance, you will most likely not reach your goal. Most people work a regular job all their lives and retire hopefully on a decent pension, this is not a bad thing and for many this is quite lovely. As long as you have the time to be with your loved ones, do what you love on your spare time, and provide enough for yourself and your family, then all is well.

There are those that would like things differently. I think that with the power and sometimes indiscriminate attitudes of modern companies and bosses, more and more people are wanting to become wealthier, at least in order to free themselves from the ‘rat race’ and the dependency on others. If you are one of those people then you have to be made very aware of the fact that the only way to attain your dreams is to think of a way out of this dilemma. That is in order to find the abundance that you seek, you will have to come up with a way to make more money on your own and to stop believing that somehow you are going to get there by working all day and all night.

To find the answers to what you seek, I suggest that you use all of your spare time on that which you love to do. Try to spend as much time on this and see if there is a way that you can become better and better at your muse. What that hobby is, doesn’t matter. All things can lead to an abundant life if you are willing to dedicate enough time and effort to them.

Since effort is a difficult thing, the only way you will be able to put enough effort into a thing, is to dedicate more time to what you love to do. Work your regular job so that you are able to provide for all your needs, and then spend all of that extra time on doing and learning about what you love. When you do what you love there is no effort, just the passion to do. This passion should drive you to refine your talents and make you someone very good at what you do. Remember, You are not going to get rich working hard at it!



How positive do you feel about the things in your life? Most people tend to believe that they are very positive but they seldom take stock of their own thoughts. They figure that since they feel alright, then things must be fine. And fine for many is basically positive.

There is a big difference though between feeling fine and alright and being positive and happy. If you are pretty good at ignoring your mind or have such a busy life that you are seldom conscious of your own thoughts, you tend to figure things are alright and you leave it at that. This would actually be fine if you are able to completely shut off the internal dialogue in your head but that is not ever really the case. The mind tends to work away even when you think you are too busy to notice. Even when you do engage in a concentration intensive task, any break in the work flow gets your mind going again.

I don’t mention these things with the idea to scare you or to make it seem like you have no control over your mind. The fact is that you do and if you do find something that you can dedicate a lot of positive attention to, you can greatly reduce that internal dialogue, whether positive or negative.

What I want to point out though is that your mind and therefore your internal dialogue, is hard to stop. Also I want to point out that its hard for us to really know our mind without self examination. With this in mind I wanted to give you an exercise that you could use to help your thought pattern. This exercise should help you to realize how you feel about many different things. It’s easy and can be fun if you approach it like a game:

I want you to make a list of the top 10 things that you think most about. To do this you might need to do some self examination; trying to pay attention to your thoughts and what you are thinking about throughout the day. But it isn’t a difficult task, most of us think mostly about the following:

  1. money
  2. clothes
  3. car
  4. friends
  5. career
  6. health
  7. food
  8. pets
  9. etc.

Now that you have your list, rate each one of the items on your list seeing how positively you feel about each one. Use a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the least positive and 10 being the most positive. To do this, take money for example and contemplate it in general and in your life specifically. How to you feel about it, rate this feeling.

Now look at your list and see how you did. Were you generally positive or negative. As long as you do this exercise honestly, you will get a real good idea of how positive or negative you are at the moment. Use this knowledge so that you can begin to better understand your internal dialogue.

Now take an item on the list that you rated as being negative about. On your list, right beside the item, write down a positive picture or thought about the item. For example if you had a low number for money, write down some thought or picture that you could hold when you think about money that would make you feel more positive. And at the bottom in quotation marks, write down an affirmation that you could use to uplift you right away.

For example you could write:
I see myself in an incredibly beautiful and opulent restaurant in Monte Carlo, being served incredible food and drink by a amazing waiter. All around me I see incredible and beautiful things. I eat the best food in the most expensive china and crystal. I am treated like royalty and I deserve the best.
“ I am rich and wealthy, money flows to me naturally and effortlessly.”

If you then use this picture anytime that you have a money thought, you will see that you will begin to feel far more positive about this item on your list. The affirmation can be used at the same time or when you don’t have time to visualize (like when you are driving).

This is a fun exercise that will teach you a lot about your internal dialogue and how positive it is. If you follow the recommendations and create a positive picture for those things that you feel more negative about, you will change your internal dialogue for the better and get more positive.




In my earlier article, What Will Really Happen on 2012, I wrote about certain theories, myths (most possibly facts) that I have been following concerning the 2012 enigma. I told you that there are certain schools of thought and certain information that seems to show that there might be an incredible shift taking place on December 21, 2012. I told you that this had to do with the ‘Platonic Year’ and with the ‘Axial Rotation’ of the Earth.

In this article I want to go into more depth as to what this might mean for us in the future and what it might have meant for us in our past. Of all of the theories that I have researched, when it comes to future prophecies or ancient history, I find this one to be the most intriguing.

As I had mentioned this shift involves a 26,000 year cycle which can be divided into two separate 13,000 year events. Basically for 13,000 years we have been facing away from the ‘Black Sun’ and are therefore in a negative progression where there is great strife and conflict on the Earth. Then like a slow spinning top, the axis of the Earth begins to point towards the Black Sun and we are in a Positive half cycle; during this half of the cycle, humanity becomes enlightened, old and ancient truths are re-realized and humanity is able to accomplish amazing things.

If we are indeed beginning the slow turn into a positive half cycle on December 21, 2012, then it is the beginning of a slow recovery for humanity. Just like the winter’s solstice which takes place on this date, the ending of the Mayan long count represents our farthest axial turn away from light and positive energy. And just like the summer/winter cycle, here we begin a slow turn into light and positive energy.

It is interesting to note that while this date marks the turn into more light, just like the winter’s solstice axial change, it does not mean instant warmth and positivity. Most people that live far up North, like me, will tell you that even though the winter’s solstice is the beginning of more light and warmth, it takes a long while before you start feeling this positive change. For example; the solstice is in December but the coldest month of the year here in the North is usually January. So even though we are transitioning, winter still sends one last powerful blow before it gives up its ferocity, and we finally begin to feel more light and warmth.

Metaphorically this is perhaps worth noting. If 2012 is our winter’s solstice as it were, then we can expect more strife and darkness before we really start to feel the positive half cycle really kick in. Now if we continue with this comparison and we compare 6 months to 13,000 years; we can expect the next few thousand years to be very difficult for the human race indeed. Just like January is a hard month, so these years will be hard ones for all involved.

But what keeps us all going through this dark month is the hope and the realization that things are getting better; the sun doesn’t go down at 4:30 pm anymore, now it’s going down at 4:45 pm, and the light of the sun is getting stronger and lasting longer all the time. So it is possible then that the first few thousand years in the beginning of the new positive half cycle will be filled with much or more suffering and strife than now. We must all remember though that things are getting better and that they will continue to get better and better all the time.

I don’t hope to disillusion anyone, this is all a theory on my part. What is fact, is that life is getting very interesting. It is estimated that there is more information at our disposal now in one day than all of the information that was available to a person in a lifetime 100 years ago. And it is also estimated that the total sum of all information on the planet now doubles every 2 years. New things are being discovered, created, and thought up every day at a phenomenal rate. It truly does seem like we are beginning to become aware (to remember?) of huge sums of information and therefore potential. I just finished watching a video on 3D printing; try to tell me that this is not sounding very much like a Star Trek replicator!

Our potential is endless and I think that we are just becoming aware of that. While ‘living during interesting times’ might be an interesting faux Chinese curse**, I think that being here during this amazing time is fantastic. I believe that we all chose to be here and I also think that most of you are as excited by the possibilities as I am.

The Black Sun enigma has also much to tell us about our ancient history. For thousands of years man has wondered about those that came before. We have all wondered at the marvelous ancient mega-structures and at the amazing art and myth that seem to permeate our prehistoric world. Many have speculated about ancient aliens and perhaps hollow Earth societies. The work done by Von Daniken seems to show that many of the giant structures of the past (for example: The Sphinx, Stonehenge, and an number of giant structures in South America) were built 12 to 13 thousand years ago.  Is it a coincidence that these dates fall in line with the 13,000 years half cycle that I have proposed?

Did some of these ancient civilizations survive the dark cycle? Are some of those myths about Atlantis and Shambalah just old stories about our ancient ancestors that lived during the time of the positive half cycle?

I hope that I have peaked your interest and that you will want to explore some of these ideas. Remember that we now have seemingly infinite information at our disposal, perhaps you will want to exercise some of your power.

** faux because the supposedly ancient Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”, was actually invented by the English writer Ernest Bramah.

Have you ever noticed that kids can have a good time anywhere, they don’t need very much really. As long as you let then go and don’t try to micromanage them, they will soon be lost in some wonderful mental adventure and the smiles are soon flowing.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something like that yourself? To be able to see the magic and the wonder in just about anything? This is perhaps childhoods greatest strength, but as we grow we tend to lose that ability; to freely imagine and dream.

Well you can get some of this wonderful mind back. I will show you a fun method to have fun all the time. A game that you can play that will allow your mind to soar for a little while, or however long you like, so that you can take a break from the heaviness of the adult life. I’ll take it easy here though since we adults are all pretty stiff. We are no longer the little elves that seem to see crazy adventures everywhere. But we can regain some of this lost power by learning how to free our minds and let them play.

To do this fun game, you should wait until you are alone somewhere, perhaps in a nice quite place, and you are somewhat relaxed. I KNOW, this sounds like some kind of exercise already. Sorry about that but the adult in us is all too uptight right now, so you need to take it easy and go slow. In time, if you are good at this game, you can see about doing this anywhere; the bus, work (?), anytime your mind screams, “I’m bored” or “ I’m sad”.

When you are relaxed in this nice quiet place, I want you to ask yourself; “What could I do right now that would make me feel awesome?” Now your adult mind will have plenty of trouble with this simple question at first, so relax into the moment and explore your feelings. What is it that you would love to do right now? Not later, not something that you think you have to do; what crazy or fun thing would you love to do right now, for yourself? Would you like to go skydiving? Perhaps you want to sit and relax on a hot beach in the tropics? Perhaps you would like to have a sword fight with Jack Sparrow?

You decide what you want to do. And it’s super easy to know whether you picked the right thing or not; it will make you feel great. Contemplate and find that thing that would make you feel fantastic if you were doing it right now. Don’t censor yourself, this is  your mind and no one needs to know what you are imagining, give yourself free reign, you are FREE!

Now imaginatively, in your mind’s eye, pretend that you are doing that thing that will make you feel awesome. Most people will have to close their eyes and sit down on something comfortable to relax. The BIG trick here is not to force anything, just focus on your desire and then let your mind bring up fun images on its own. If you are seeing negative things then you are trying too hard and you are taking this way too seriously. A child does not care whether this is real or if it will ever be real in the adult sense. A child does not try to make it be as real as possible in his mind, he just lets it happen, and the more desire that he has, the easier that the visualization is. So just relax and remember that it’s a game, no pressure. Let your emotions guide you in your visualization. It will never be static too long, you might start in a beach but might soon find that you decided that you would rather go sailing instead and then that it would be fun to join a band of pirates and go on a great adventure.

Visualization means seeing it in your mind. It doesn’t have to be all visual though; you might feel the wind in your face, hear the seagulls, taste the rum. See if eventually, without hardly trying at all, you can use all your senses in your fun game. The trick again is not to try so hard but to just remember that this is a fun game.

You often see kids shaking their hands about, jumping around, or suddenly taking off in a flurry up the stairs. That is for the advanced practitioners. For now just take it easy and do this in a quiet relaxing atmosphere while you are sitting or relaxing somehow. Eventually you will be able to imagine all this with your eyes open; images playing like fantastic tapestries before your eyes. On a bus or a public place no one will know what you are up to, aside from the fun grin on your face. Eventually you might want to jump about and have fun like a kid. I highly recommend it! Just make sure your alone, grown-ups are really stiff and they might just send you to the funny farm.

This fun game is incredibly beneficial. It does the obvious of getting you in a better mood, but it has also the ability to truly change your being. It will increase your metabolism and create a better mental state. It will also create hope and beauty in your life. It will ‘compel’ you to a better place and a better life.





It is sometimes hard to comprehend that we are all in charge of our lives. Many of us find ourselves in difficult financial situations. This tends to put a very large strain on our emotions and our time which can be very debilitating.

You must always remember though that you can change your circumstance for the better. This involves some soul searching and much patience but you can overcome any difficult situation if you are willing to believe that you can. I will not say it is hard work to create a better life, because if it does seem like hard work, it is quite likely that you are looking in the wrong place.

I will say though that changing your life for the better requires much focus. The difference is that effort is really going against the grain while focus means concentrating on what you want and not paying attention to those things that you do not want. Many will rebel against these thoughts because we have all been taught that life is hard. We all have many well meaning relatives or friends that will tell us over and over again that in order to do anything in this life we have to work hard at it.

I know that many of us find ourselves doing jobs that are not very satisfying. It’s quite possible that you are doing a job that is very emotionally or physically difficult. Many people are also engaged in a job that is just routine and you have to do this job at the moment in order to pay the bills. These jobs have a way of taking away your energy and your spirit, but that is only the case if you let them. Believe that you can escape this lifestyle and you will.

The best way to do this is to do it a bit at a time. There is no need to quit your job and move to wherever taking a terrible chance. Actually such endeavors usually end in disaster because these moves are literally acts of escapism. You are trying to run away from your problems in the hope that somehow you will get lucky and find your lucky star. This is of course doom because you are doing something out of desperation.

You are in control and you can change your life for the better. Start by examining your beliefs about yourself right now. Many of us have very low self-esteem. We have all been told that it is not right to brag, put on airs, or become self important. Unfortunately this advice, even though it is well meaning, does not allow you to express the totality of yourself.

When you find yourself depressed, doubting your abilities and feeling really low; tell yourself that you are awesome. Believe in yourself and the power of your own being. How many times in your life(!) have you sat around for ten minutes and told yourself how great you are. We are told that we should take the time and tell our loved ones how special they are, BUT how often have you told yourself how wonderful and capable you are?

Don’t expect others to start telling you that you are great to start believing it yourself. Tell yourself now that you love yourself. “I love myself’! What an odd and frightening feeling, that you might sit around for ten minutes a day, every day and love yourself. Can you afford that love? Aren’t you supposed to give your love to others and to those that have meaning in your life?

But loving yourself is the beginning of true love for others. There is no way that you can love others if you do not love yourself. Love and respect are also not finite things that will run out if you give too much. The more you love and respect, the more you can love and respect. But start with yourself. Believe in your abilities. Believe that you are lucky enough. Believe that you are great enough to do what you want in life, that you are the captain of your life and therefore the captain of all of the circumstances that you see around you. Do this for yourself and you will help all those that you come in contact with.

Try and tell yourself this everyday:

“ I love myself. I will start slow from where I am so that I don’t fight against things. I have the right to do the things that I love because God put me on this Earth to express all of myself. I am worthy! I am worthy of a good life. I am special enough to be able to love myself. I am special and those around me are blessed to have me in their lives. I will honor myself and dedicate time for myself and to do those things that I love, and by doing so I will find my place in this world doing what I love to do!”




I want you to do something for yourself and for all those around you that you care about. I want you to be a little selfish. I know that this is a pretty hard thing for many to do, especially if you are a very giving person, perhaps a parent, or both. But I want you to do this for others as much as you might think that it is all for you.

It is often thought that being self-involved can be a very bad thing, but if you are willing to really look into what this means, you will see that being self-centered can be a very positive thing as well. The problem really lies in simple definitions of what self-focused really means.

The problem begins with definitions that are based on this or that ideas. Beliefs and directives that are based on age old definitions of what is the right thing to do. The problem is that there is nothing that is black and white and people get stuck thinking that even to contemplate the idea of self-interest is bad, and end of story. No more thought is given on the matter because even to contemplate self’ish thought is bad.

What I mean by being a little, or perhaps a lot for some, selfish is to really start to concern yourself with yourself. You need to start paying more attention to what you are focusing your attention on and far less on what others are doing. It is very natural to believe that in order to help others, you must concern yourself with them and physically act on their behalf. But the truth of the matter is that ‘acting on’ others behalf is most often an intrusion. Unless someone directly asks you to do something for them, it is most often the case that the person does not need your help or is better off without your help.

But if you concentrate on yourself and on feeling good about you and your life, you give others the hope and energy that they need. You do this by showing them that it is possible to be happy. You show them that someone can change their own reality for themselves and by themselves. You show those around you in a new way; you show them by example, and this example is so very crucial for so many.

By helping others when they don’t need your help, you deprive them of the opportunity to find a way out for themselves. We are all here to learn and learning things for ourselves allows each one of us to grow and become more confident. The best way to help others is to show them that all is possible and finally just to have good thoughts for them. When you do this, others will be incredibly uplifted by your gift. There is no better way for you to help others more than to show them that what they want to accomplish in their own lives is possible.

You can only do this by being a bit selfish. What I mean is that you need to take the time to look at your own life, your own desires, and your own thoughts. Then you must make the time to control these thoughts and actions so that you yourself are happy first. You must make the time to guide your own boat in the sea of life and find your best place there. Only when you are happy and love yourself can you love and hope happiness for others, otherwise it will be pretending at best and you can’t keep that up for long.

Now I don’t mean that you should not feed your children or care for those under your care. But next time, before you rush of to give your well-meaning advise or a helping hand, ask yourself; Did they ask for my help? If the answer is no then send that person love from your heart and see them succeeding in your mind but don’t interfere in their life. If they see you happy and successful in your own life, and feel the love that you send them then they just might ask for your help anyway. But remember that the best you can do for others is to show them through example that what they wish to accomplish is possible.

Help others by example and you will also be helping yourself. Send others positive loving thoughts and you will uplift them and help them without the weight of intrusive action.

There are times when try as we might, we cannot stop thinking about something that makes us feel awful. Thoughts like these can be incredibly detrimental to our mental state. Since our mind controls our body and our personal reality, it is very important that we learn to manage these negative thoughts.

Thoughts like these are often like a chronic pain. We know what is wrong, we know what it’s about but try as we might we can’t stop ourselves from reliving them. A chronic pain is like this, the injury is known and we are trying to fix the physical problem but the pain, even though it has done its job of warning us, won’t stop. We must therefore use other methods to stop these thoughts that are no longer in any way helpful.

A very good way to do this is to manipulate that mental image (thought). Our minds can be said to work very much like a tv or movie screen, or perhaps it would be better to say that our tv’s and movie screens are designed to work just like our minds. If we change some of the ways we experience this troublesome thought in our heads, we can completely change our reaction to it.

For example lets imagine that you keep having a recurring thought of you having a bad accident and try as you might you can’t seem to be able to stop yourself from thinking this thought. Instead of trying to get yourself to forget, as it were, you could instead change the way that you experience this thought in your mind instead.

When you experience this thought you most likely see yourself, in your mind’s eye, experiencing this event over and over again. Instead just letting this thought happen, you do have the ability to catch yourself in the act of having this thought. All you have to do is to be mentally vigilant and pay attention to your emotions so that when you feel awful, you will know that you are most likely experiencing this negative recurring thought in your mind.

When you are able to catch yourself as you are experiencing this dream, begin to change the way you represent this thought to yourself. You most likely will find that in your thought you are right there in the middle of it all reliving something. That therefore is the first thing that you must change; instead of being right in the thought situation experiencing everything as it happens, imaginatively remove yourself from the situation. This changes your perspective so that you are no longer an actor in your thought but a bystander watching the thought from far away.

Secondly distance yourself from the thought. Instead of being a bystander watching something that is right in front of you, imagine that this screen that you are watching this thought in moves ten feet away from you. You should be able to feel a big difference in your emotional state. You have gone from being immersed in a situation, in your mind’s eye, to being a spectator watching this situation, and then to having this mental screen that you are watching the situation on move ten feet away from you.

If this is not enough to lower the amount of pain that you feel from this thought then try to make this mental image black and white. Also lower any sound in the thought, you can even turn off all sound if you like. Turn off any feeling that you are experiencing during this thought, you have the power to imaginatively do this now. And finally you can make this thought image move away from you even farther than ten feet. It can move away from you farther and farther so that it gets smaller and smaller until it disappears from your view. How do you feel now?

If you do the exercise correctly, you will find that this thought is no longer so painful or troubling. The trick here is to do the above every time that you catch yourself having the thought. You might say, “I just had it, can’t go back to it now”. But this is what you will be really doing every time since catching yourself in the act is really stopping the thought. This is ok though, just look back at what you were just  thinking and use all the techniques above to remove and diffuse the bad thought. Just try and do it right after having this thought.

You will have to do this every time that you have this thought. There are times when you will have to do this many times a day, maybe even an hour, but keep at it. In a lot shorter time than you might imagine, you will reprogram yourself out of this thought pattern and you will naturally find yourself thinking of other things. When you find yourself thinking of other things, go with this flow. Let your mind follow a different path and you will be free from this negativity in no time.





We are all the subject of changing moods. Sometimes we feel happy, other times sad, there are even times that we just feel indifferent towards everything. External circumstance also play a huge role in how we feel at any particular moment.

While I am not saying that you should feet happy all the time, if you can help it, I think that we would all rather be in a better mood. This can be difficult because generally speaking we are all so moody. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to get into a better mood, or at least be able to stop a nasty mood altogether so that we could begin to exercise better thoughts and feelings?

Here is a technique that you can use to change your mood very quickly. It will allow you to get over that terrible hurdle that we sometimes experience where gloom and doom just seem to overpower our very being. This is so simple that you are going to love it;

Next time that you find yourself in a mood that is not to your liking, look up!
Its that simple really. The act of looking up has an amazing effect on our physiological structure:


  • First it changes our posture which changes your feelings and thoughts instantly. If you are looking down then you are most likely hunched over which is a depressive body posture. By looking up you change that posture and therefore change your mood.
  • Looking up changes your focus of attention. Looking down at the ground tends to ground us and give us a feeling of being stuck where we are. The ground, depending on where you live, tends to be full of dirt and discarded things. Looking up allows you to see the sky, the sun, the clouds and the beauty of the heavens. It gives you a sense of infinite freedom and possibilities.
  • Looking up means that you have to roll your eyes up, which has the amazing ability of triggering the production of Alpha waves in the brain. These Alpha waves will relax you and break up any tenseness that you might feel.
  • Looking up puts a slight tension on your face that forces you to put on a slight Mona Lisa smile. Smiling is good. It is a powerful way to change your mood and to get you happy.

To do this properly you want to look up for a good fifteen seconds or longer. Now do be careful if you are walking down the street, that you are careful where you are walking. I don’t want you to trip on something or fall into an open manhole. The idea though is to look for a good long time in order to allow your body to trigger these wonderful physiological effects.
Afterwards you will want to try to keep looking up at regular intervals. Try to change your focus, see if you can catch yourself wanting to walk around with your head to the ground. When you do, make the conscious effort to raise your head and look up again.

It will take some training on yourself at first to remind yourself to look up but if you persist you will see that you will catch yourself more and more often. Before long you will have developed the habit of looking up on a regular basis.

Let’s recap; you will want to look up for at least fifteen seconds when you catch yourself in a bad mood. This will break the power of this mood and will instantly change your bodies physiology. This will create an instant positive trend that you will want to continue by remembering to look up more than you look down. With experience and minimal effort you will be able to condition yourself to look up most of the time. This will change your mood and make you happier.

P.S. Just remember to look down sometimes so that you know where you are walking!




Note: The information in the article below is the result of a decade of personal research. I hope you read it and interpret it with your own personal objectivity, and I hope that it motivates you to do your own research on the subject. Since all of the work is really based on hearsay evidence, there is no way to prove any of it to a scientists satisfaction. But all myth is like this and yet, if one knows of the powers of the mind of man, one realizes that in all cases myth is far more powerful than objective truth.


There are many conceptions and misconceptions about 2012 and what it means. Many believe that the Earth will end or at least that there are is an incredible cataclysm coming that will wipe out all or most of the human race.

As we have explored in the previous article [Top four things people think will happen on 2012], the amount of craziness and wild theory surrounding 2012 is amazing. In this article though we will try to put into words what ‘those in the know’ actually believe to be happening and what will happen. Those in the know is short for; old schools of thought that have existed for thousands of years, maintaining ancient knowledge and wisdom. It is also my term for those that have and can figure it out and are crazy enough to believe it.

In order to truly understand what the ending of the Mayan long count really means, it is better that we talk about The Precession of the Equinoxes. The precession part is talking about the change in the direction of the axis of the Earth. And the Equinoxes are the great belt of constellations that one can see from the earth, or if you prefer, the Astrological signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, etc.

I will not go into any deep and technical explanation of how this is all believed to work astronomically. You can do further research yourself if you want to by just Googling some of the key words from this article and following the line of reasoning set here. I will try to explain as best I can what is believed to be happening so that you can understand what is involved. A small note; I doubt that you will find very much or anything at all on some of these theories. While the science data is easy to find, along with great videos, the metaphysical theories are relatively unknown, which is the reason I suppose for some of the great mess and fears surrounding 2012.


What you will find that is very similar, is the belief that the Earth will be going through the ‘Galactic Plane’ on this date. In the last article I explained why this is now known to be erronous. I beleive that this is a distortion of this ancient myth that I am talking about here, and that is the best way that people have been able to make sense of all of this. But what I propose here is brand new and can expalin many ancient mysteries as well as propose some wonderful future possibilities for us all.

As many know, the Earth has a slight tilt to it, about 230 . This tilt though does not always face in the same direction, relative to the other bodies in the galaxy. The Earth tilts sort of like a spinning top, moving 100 every 72 years. Since there are 360 degrees in a circle, and it takes 72 years for the earth tilt to move 1 degree then a full circle of the tilt of the earth takes 25,920 years which most round out to 26,000 years.

Each full circle is called a ‘Great Year’ or a ‘Platonic Year’. One of the major characteristics of this Great year is that as the earth makes it slow tilt turn, the sun will be seen to rise (from the perspective of a person looking into space from the surface of the earth) in a different point in space. The ancients created a large band of sorts which they sectioned off into twelve equal sections. Each one of these sections represents an astrological sign,  each one of these signs represents an age of the Zodiac which is supposed to last 2,160 years. Many believe that we will be entering the age of Aquarius very soon (some believe that it will happen at exactly December 21, 2012) for example.

The importance of all this is relative. Different people measured things using different terms that can make things confusing. For example; in the west people used the Zodiac, but the Maya used the Baktun. The important point here is that Ancient people, especially the Maya, were far better at astronomical measurement than many would like to believe. And that these people made very accurate estimations of the Platonic year, which is very important if we are to understand what some believe will happen on 2012.

Before we continue, we will need to look into another very important celestial body. A very ancient term for this body is ‘The Black Sun’. Again this is a term that is used in Western Schools but it is a good term and the one that I will use here. The Black Sun is a name given to the very powerful gravitational body at the center of our galaxy. Many scientists believe that at the very center of our galaxy, there is a massive Black Hole, and that it is this Black Hole that is responsible for keeping our entire galaxy within our current rotational plane. It is also interesting to note that if you were able to physically see this central mass, it might look very much like a black sun.

Now this black sun is very important because it is believed, according to the theory that is presented here, that the rotating earth axis spends half of the Platonic year (13,000 solar years) pointing towards the Black Sun and the other half (13,000 solar years) pointing away from the Black Sun. The importance of this is that there is an incredible difference in the energies present on the earth depending on which way the earth is pointing.

While the Earth is pointing towards the Black Sun, there is a positive influence. The energy present on the earth is said to be positive as we all move towards the center of the galaxy and the near infinite power there. This is the time when great civilizations become present on the Earth and men become enlightened (by the Black Sun) and realize their true power. It was during this last cycle that Atlantis came about. It was from this time that all those amazing stories and myths come from; these being actual fact.

While the Earth is pointing away from The Black Sun, we are said to be in a dark cycle. The energy is negative and there is chaos and destruction on the Earth. People become selfish and violent as they lose their connection to the great powers. Most importantly people forget; they forget their connection to all that is and knowledge becomes scarce. War and strife are common and become more and more pronounced as we face further and further away from the Back Sun.

We are currently near the end of this negative cycle. That is why there is and there has been so much strife within our recorded history. War, killing, and disasters are the norm, and while there are certain people and mystery schools trying to keep alive the old ways, we are all general savage and primitive.

But the end of the great long count is upon us. And while the dates of the Mayan long count don’t seem to add the same as a platonic year, this long count none the less is the best calculator that we currently have on Earth of the great cycle change. It is believed by some then that December 21, 2012 is the beginning of the new cycle. Here we begin the slow and methodical movement towards the Black Sun. As we do so, we will again begin to remember lost knowledge as we progress towards an enlightened age.


What does the 13,000 year half cycle change really mean? Please read my next article: What does the Black Sun 2012 enigma mean?