Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

Self-improvement is not easy. With the explosion of self-help books and the self-help movement, many believe that self-improvement is impossible; that it is really a type of scam that people fall for. These individuals would have you believe that any kind of self-improvement is beyond the average person and that there is no real way to change the basic self.

But the need for self-improvement is an inherent need within all of us. Self-improvement is possible, it’s just that most people are not willing to make the decisions required to truly change and grow as individuals. I believe that many assume that in order to improve the self you need to fight against the current, that you must make a great effort of will or else change is will not happen. In this site you will find that this is not the case, that in order to better yourself, all you need to do is to create an achievable goal and follow the natural inclinations of the self.

As a species we are continually growing. Most of this growth has been achieved through unconscious processes. We grow and develop without the need for us to consciously think about this growth and development. But things have changed!

The human species has begun to take conscious control of its evolution and self growth. The self-improvement movement represents that innate need inside all of us to grow as individuals and to expand our capabilities.

Future Evolution = Conscious Evolution = Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is achievable, it requires:

  • Knowledge
  • Self understanding
  • A plan of action
  • Self discipline


In this site you will discover how to understand your true desires, so that you can discover your real motivations and discover the path that will bring you the most joy.

  • You’ll find out how to create achievable goals and objectives.
  • You will find out how to make your self-improvement desires a reality.
  • How to get smarter, healthier, happier, more disciplined, and more successful.
  • This site also provides you with knowledge which is the fundamental principle behind all conscious self growth and development.


Through personal self-improvement, we begin to grow, develop, and evolve. As we grow and develop as individuals, we also participate in the growth and development of our species. We are all together in this, the self-improvement revolution is that innate drive within all of us to begin to take conscious control of our evolution.

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