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I know that I have given you some ideas on how to control your thoughts and emotions on other articles. In this article though I want to give you a technique that is definitely more advanced. I think that if you follow my writings and you have some experience in mental control, you will find that this technique is a natural extension of what has come before.

This technique will allow you to control negative and compulsive thoughts and emotions. While I have as I said given you other ways to do this, this method does not involve any visualization or mental trick as it were. You begin to practice a direct exercise of your WILL; that is, you WILL something to be the case and it is the case. This is very useful because other methods mentioned tend to use a visualization crutch which is time costly and is difficult to do depending on where you find yourself.

There are many times when negative and debilitating emotions assail us. These emotions can be the result of internal ruminations or the result of external influences. Whatever the case, when you are in the thick of doing something important, you need to stop these emotions quickly. Thoughts are quite often the culprits here since all emotion is cause by thought, whether we are conscious of the thought or not. But again, whether these are thoughts or emotions, there are times when self-examination is an impossibility. You could be in a difficult situation for example and what you really need at the moment is self-control.

Thought ControlWhen you find yourself in the situation mentioned, where you need to stop an emotion or thought quickly, you must exercise advanced thought control. To do this you must WILL yourself to stop thinking the thought that keeps popping into your head or you must WILL yourself to stop feeling what you are feeling. It is as simple as that really. The simplest, quickest, and most advanced method of thought control is WILL.

The doing of course is always the big trick in all of this; how do you train yourself to be able to WILL yourself to stop this emotion or thought cold. And the method is as simple in explanation as the answer; biofeedback. Using biofeedback people have trained themselves to do amazing things: slow or speed up heart rates, lower or raise blood pressure, change brainwave patterns, lower or raise insulin levels. All of these things are autonomic which means that they are not supposed to be under the control of the conscious mind, yet with biofeedback normal people are doing in months what it took Yogis decades to accomplish in the past.

But don’t get worried thinking that you will have to go buy some expensive electronic gear. All that you need to accomplish this advanced thought control is already available within you. You see, every time that you have a thought, whether you are conscious of it or not, you have an emotion or feeling. This feeling is always registered in the body, and the most common way that you register these thoughts and emotions is through tension.

So, there you have the only two biofeedback controls that you will ever need:

  1. You will either feel an emotion or
  2. You will feel some kind of tension or displacement in your body

With these two gauges you will be able to train yourself to WILL yourself to stop any thought or emotion. The process is really a matter of concentration, focus, and effort. The most important things here are concentration and focus. The effort will change depending on how powerful the thought or the emotion is but all can be overcome easily with intense focus. Do remember that this is Advanced thought control.

To explain how to begin to do this, let’s use an example; Let’s say that you have to walk across a really thin ledge that is many stories off the ground. Trying to do this, you are probably really sacred. What is going on here is that you have a belief that you’re a going to fall to your death. You are probably having many thoughts that are replaying all sorts of scenarios in your mind at that moment. It is quite possible that these thoughts are happening so quickly that all that you are really aware of is the deep and powerful fear that is paralyzing your entire body.

What you must do then is to WILL yourself to stop your fear. You can do it, have confidence in yourself. You will instantly know how well you are doing because your fear is your barometer. After trying to WILL yourself for a bit; do you feel any less fear? Do you feel just as fearful as before?

Well here is some help, the fear will create incredible tension in your body. If you can, try and focus on where this tension is on our body. Perhaps your thighs are incredibly stiff and you can barely move your legs, or perhaps your stomach is in a knot. Concentrate on these areas and WILL them to relax, Breathe deeply and WILL these body parts to relax. Try to work backwards at first until you get the hang of it; Will your body tensions to relax first, then Will your fears down, and finally WILL those negative thoughts away. At this advanced stage, do not try and replace the negative with a positive, just become empty in the moment. If you can stop the tension and the emotion, you will find that your thoughts will also quiet down, and if you can’t completely stop those thoughts then no worries because thought without emotional energy is powerless.

Concentration is what you will need in order to stay vigilant enough to keep an eye on the thoughts and feelings that you are having. And then to be able to separate the body parts that are tense or feel a bit off. Then you will need to focus completely on what you intend to happen. In order to be able to WILL yourself yo do something, you must be able to focus completely on your intent so that the only thing the you are conscious of is what you are intending. Without this focus you will not be able to do what you intend; your WILL will lack the power to do what you are asking.

Aside from this there is not much more that I can say. You must practice and keep practicing until you can develop the kind WILL that can do as you bid. There are a number of articles here that might help you to develop your concentration and focus, you might want to start with Learn the Power of Concentration.

Never use this method alone and stop ALL the bad emotions and thoughts in your mind forever. All negative thoughts and emotions must be examined or you will end up hurting yourself. I hope to write future articles on the importance of this self-examination and how to go about it.


  1. I have one question about visualization.For example I want to visualize that I am dancing.Which is the correct way.Seeing myself in my mind in first person perspective (like FPS games) or third person perspective?

    1. It honestly depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The third person perspective is more of a detached perspective that can allow you to review data more efficiently and work with energy in that fashion, while the second person perspective which I would imagine you mean a much more immersive perspective where you actually feel yourself being there, doing it, is a perspective that is better when you’re actually trying to create some kind of internal change, whether that change is physical or psychological.

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