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There is nothing better to lift up your spirits and renew your sense of purpose then to acknowledge your daily accomplishments. Doing this allows you to recognize the progress that you made during this day. Any type of acknowledgment, also has a great way of lifting your spirits because it’s sort of like doing an appreciation of the good things in your life, and there is no better way to get into a good mood then to appreciate everything.

We all seem to have a much easier time focusing on all the bad things that happened during the day. I suppose that this is natural, it is sort of like trying to find good news, no one is really that interested. We must though train ourselves to see more of the accomplishments and the good things that we have done instead of always focusing just on the bad. If you do this, and begin to focus on your accomplishments for the day, I think that you will soon discover that it is a pleasurable thing because it creates such good feelings.

It is never a good idea to make the last thoughts that you have in the day negative. It is always good effort, when we take the time to focus on the good of the day instead of the bad. You will find that if you go to sleep thinking good thoughts, you will most likely wake up thinking good thoughts as well. Train yourself then to think good thoughts and to acknowledge the good things just before you go to sleep.

Here are four good questions that will help you with your days appreciation:

– When today did I act close to or just like I desire to be?

– What did I get done today that I really wanted to do?

– In what way did I make a difference in someone’s life today?

– What cool and unexpected things happened to me today?

When appreciate your day, there is no need for you to try and look for the amazing things. Every little thing counts and the world is made of all the small moments working together. When you look back through your day to find things to appreciate, think of the little things that you saw and did and realize that it is the things that will shape your greater reality and it is for these things that you must appreciate.

You will be incredibly surprised at how you feel if you just learn to appreciate your day and to acknowledge all the things that you did today that made a difference in yourself and in others. There is no greater way to close your day then to put together a list of all the things that were positive and wonderful today. Even if you were to stand still and let the world flow past you for the entire day, I bet that there would be many things that would still be positive and worth appreciating. Life happens to us and we also act on life; both of these aspects flow together in perfect balance so that our lives are made up of this wonderful dance of action and reaction. Take the time every night to acknowledge your accomplishments of the day and you will sleep better and wake up feeling better as well.







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