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A key precept of the law of attraction is the idea that you should try to ignore those things that put you in a negative mood. Essentially anything that you see out there in the world that causes you to feel negativity, can actually be detrimental to you. This is a very old idea, many would believe that this is a new theory or that it was first brought about by the new Agers with the “Law of Attraction” kick. The reality though is that this idea of focusing on things that you like and not focusing on things that you disagree with has been around for a very long time; if you don’t believe me then I suggest that you read anything written by the Christian Science movement, William Walter Atkinson, or even earlier than that anything written by those who practiced the Hermetic tradition.

It is believed that to pay too much attention to those things that cause you grief or those things that you do not like, can begin to bring those very things into your life. This happens, as it is believed by Hermetic thought, because the attention tends to bring towards it those things which it focuses on.

“As above so Below, As within so Without”

The more you focus on those things you don’t want, the more you get those things. If you have those negative things within, then you will experience those negative things without.

From a non-metaphysical bend, it is also a good idea to try not focus so much on those things that you find unappealing. It is often the case that when we go for a walk for example, that we begin to focus on those things that we do not like. We might begin to notice the bum on the street, the cracks in a highly uneven sidewalk, or the general hostile nature of some of the people around us. The more that we focus on these negative things, the more that we tend to feel bad and as we do so we tend to develop a negative attitude. If you do not believe that thoughts attract thoughts similar to themselves, that negative thoughts create a negative reality, then please realize that a negative attitude can cause negative outcomes. Like the popular phrase goes;

“Garbage in Garbage out”


But how do we keep our minds focused on those things we like and ignore those things that we don’t like? How do we train our attention to only pay attention to only what we want it to? Well this can be done and I have given you methods to train your attention in ‘other articles’, but its a hard thing to do at first and does require effort,  practice, and time. This kind of control over your attention is possible and has been done by many but what do you do while you are training your attention?

In this article I would like to share with you a simple approach that is quite easy to implement in order to focus your attention on those things that you like instead of those things that you don’t like. Using this trick:

  1. If you believe in the law of attraction, you can focus on more positive things and hopefully attract more positive realities.
  2. If you are not very metaphysical by nature then you can use this method to maintain a positive attitude which will allow you to create positive results.Whatever the case might be this is a fine method to attain/maintain a positive state around difficult environments.

This method is actually being used to great extent lately. The method I’m talking about, is the use of headphones.
Now if you look around you probably will notice that there are many people wearing headphones, and you might think that this is not such a great revelation. But the trick to this method is not so much in the technology that is used, but in how you use this technology.

First of all, start by getting yourself a real good pair of headphones. Get yourself ones that have those rubbery gummies at the end of them. Noise reduction earbuds, the ones that seem to have that little rubbery thing at the end sort of like earplugs, can greatly reduce the ambient noise around you. Get yourself a pair of good earphones or earbuds that reduce as much of the ambient noise around you as possible, this is most important.

Get yourself a real good MP3 player. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, you just want decent quality and the ability to do some kind of programming with the kind of audio that you will be putting into it.
With your MP3 player ready to go, create for yourself audio for distinct moods. In other words create audio for specific purposes and try to separate this audio so you can bring it up easily whenever you need it. Here are some ideas of different audio channels that you might want:

  •  Audio to get you into a happy mood; this might include some good music that you enjoy and that gets you into a mellow and happy mood. This can be anything from Mozart to Queen depending on your tastes. We all have music that we like so think back and make a good channel filled with this kind of music.

Here is the most important point. You should begin to use your MP3 player for more than just music. It is possible for example to get any book that you could ever want in audio form. It is also possible to get some fine poetry, you can also download radio programs that you might enjoy, and of course podcasts that you find enjoyable. This does not take a huge amount of technical knowledge, all you really need to do is punch in the name of the thing that you want in any search engine and you will be surprised at the amount of variety that you have to choose from.

  • Get some audio to put you in a very energetic state; if you like you could try some dance music or electronic music. Tastes vary greatly so please make sure that you choose something that you will love to hear and not something that I am mentioning just because I’m mentioning it. As I’ve stated above it’s quite possible to also get audio that is not music but will get you pretty pumped up. A great motivating speech by a charismatic leader for example can sometimes be a wonderful thing to listen to, to get you very pumped up and excited.


  •  Get some audio to tune yourself out of your current dimension; this is essentially what most of your audio will be doing. But think of this channel as the stuff that will allow you to completely transcend your current circumstance and just take you away somewhere where you really want to be. This kind of audio can be wonderful if you’re stuck in a bus for example or if you get a break from work and you wish to just relax and be somewhere else for at least 15 minutes. You could get nature sounds for this if you like. The sound of waves crashing against the beach or the sound of birds chirping on the beautiful day can instantly begin to transport you into that reality. A wonderful book, either fiction or nonfiction, that you are greatly interested in can instantly take your attention away from your current circumstance and put you in a dreamscape. You might want to download a favorite radio program; for example I love coast-to-coast a.m. so I download this sometimes and listen to it.

A friend of mine likes to get audio of trance inductions for herself and puts herself into a happy alpha state when she is on the bus. As long as you are not driving yourself, you can use this kind of audio to attain a happy, deeply relaxed state that should allow you to focus your mind with great ease. You can also download drumming sounds for shamanic work or any of the good audio material you can find out there designed to attain trance states. Get creative.

You see what you are doing when you try to focus your attention on something better is really to try to concentrate on something pleasurable, while at the same time trying to ignore those things that bring you down. This task can be very difficult if your senses are being assaulted; for example if you are trying to concentrate on something wonderful but all you keep hearing is the drone of traffic outside. While you might be able to visualize being at a beach while you are in a crowded place, it is much harder to visualize the sounds of being on that beach if all you can hear is people jabbering around you and cars honking.

Using a little bit of technology, an MP3 player with a good set of headphones, can give you that extra assistance that you need to be able to focus much more clearly on a desired event. Moreover with the assistance of audio, there is far less strain when you are trying to visualize something; the audio naturally allows your mind to pay attention to it and flow with it. With good audio the trick then becomes not so much trying to force yourself to visualize something but to focus your attention on something that you truly like; perhaps the sound of a sea breeze or an audio book of a great fantasy story. In this way you can train your attention easily, without having to visualize something ‘on top of’ the reality that you see before you. You are providing for yourself a better reality, one that you can pay attention to, and you are not trying to force yourself into thinking that you are actually enjoying the loud conversation behind you.

There will most likely be noises that impede upon your wonderful downloaded audio. Here’s the point where you need to train your attention; you do this by letting go of that external noise that you do not want to hear and make a mental effort to just focus on your downloaded audio. In a short period of time it should be quite easy for you to focus to a great extent on the wonderful audio that you have downloaded and to completely ignore the external sounds around you. It might even be the case that  you can hear much of the noise that is coming from outside your earbuds, but it is quite possible for you to focus on your personal audio to such a degree that that external noise is no longer of consequence.

The more pleasurable the audio that you can download for yourself and keep in your MP3 library, the easier that it will be to focus your attention on it. In little time you will have trained your listening attention to such a degree that every time that you put on your headphones, you will literally be able to completely escape this reality to one that you have created for yourself.

So remember to be creative with your audio. Remember that you don’t just have access to music, you can also have:

  • – audio books, which can include poetry books, religious books
  • – radio shows, comedy skits
  • – recorded speeches
  • – nature sounds, it is even possible to get audio of different locations like a street in little Havana for example
  • – trance inducing drumming, hypnotic inductions; either recorded by you or recorded professionally, binaural-beats.

Also catalog your MP3 audios so that you have audio to get you into different moods depending on what kind of states you wish to have, for example:

  • – audio for being in a happy mood
  • – audio to get you feeling energetic and full of life
  • – audio to get you to totally zoned out
  • – audio to get you mellow and relaxed
  • – audio to get you feeling powerful



  1. Hello,does it matter if my eyes are closed or opened during visualization? I am asking you this question because I can focus on something better when my eyes are closed.

    P.S I bought some of your books I liked them so much.


    1. No Lermont, I think that you should do whatever works best for you. It is indeed the case that with the eyes closed it is much easier to visualize so I would definitely use that method if it works best for you. Usually when I recommend that you open your eyes to do visualizations is when you are actually trying to project something outside of yourself; when you are creating a servitor for example.

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