We have all experienced traumatic events. These events are a natural part of life on earth. I suppose you could say that the act of walking presupposes that you will fall down every once in a while.

Some of us though, perhaps not as lucky as others, have encounter personal trauma that has left incredibly deep scars. These traumatic events, whether they are a personal loss or abuse for example, can leave scars so deep that it becomes almost impossible to carry on with our lives in the same way again.

People that are plagued by traumatic events in their past, can find that the smallest thing might bring about a full memory recall of this past hurt. Like a taped video in their minds, any number of things can cause the brain to hit play on this old recording and the victim is forced to live through his old trauma again and again, all in full spectrum color and surround sound.

What is most debilitating is that these personal events or trauma can stop a person from doing normal things; perhaps you were walking down the street at night after a party and for no apparent reason, a man attacked you. From that moment on, you find that you can’t be alone much less go for a walk at night. A person suffering from such trauma would find that they have lost all their freedom and no longer trust others in any way.

What a person in this situation needs to do is to learn as much as possible from this past event and then learn somehow to move past this disability so that he/she can once again begin to live a normal life.  Much easier said than done of course but I hope that the following helps:

•    Anything that has happened to you or will happen to you is not your fault and even if it was directly your fault, then it was a mistake and we  all make mistakes.
•    No one is perfect, we all fall down.
•    There are no guaranties and what happened once might happen again but we can learn from those things in our past so that if similar things arise, we are prepared and forewarned.

To begin to understand those traumatic events that have happened to you, you need to be able to see the experience that caused your trauma in the most objective way possible. This of course can be incredibly difficult since the real power of these old traumatic memories is the intensity, fear, and pain that they provoke.
But we must understand the cause of our failures or else we are doomed to repeat these failures for the rest of our lives;
Begin by sitting or lying down in a nice quiet room where you are sure that you won’t be disturbed for a while. Close your eyes and imagine in your mind’s eye that you are seated on a nice comfortable couch in a nice living room. This place does not have to be a real place of any kind; just make it a nice cozy living room in your mind. In front of you, as you are seated in this incredibly soft couch, there is a large television and in your hand you hold the remote control to this television.

This television can broadcast anything that you want it to, but what you are going to have it project, is the old traumatic event from your past. So get comfortable and take a deep breath and when you are ready, hit the power button on the remote. The tv will instantly start broadcasting the event that you must relive. But realize that this event is happening only in this tv, you are completely detached from it and your are holding the remote so that at anytime that you choose, you can either turn off the tv, fast forward or hit pause so that the event stops instantly.

You are not in the event but you are watching yourself partaking in this event. It’s just as if someone had secretly recorded this event on a video camera and you are now watching this video.

If you think that this event, even on a television screen, which is totally detached from you becomes too much, I want you to take a real close look at the remote; on it there is a button that has the letters BW on it. If you press this button, you will notice that the movie that you are watching instantly turns into a black and white show.
Not only are you watching a detached you perform on the screen, this movie is now black and white. So in this way, continue to watch and objectively see all that happened to you. Look at the actors on the tv and try and see what it was that led them all to this event. What happened to the protagonist of the show(namely you)? what led this protagonist to this place?

Could he/she have avoided what is happening? Is there a mistake that he/she made? How could the protagonist avoid this from happening in the future? If there was nothing that the protagonist could have done to avoid his/her fate, is there a way that he/she can help others so that it never happens to those that he/she cares most for?

Keep watching the video. Hit repeat and watch it again and see if it has the same intense effect on you? If it does, then turn down the volume on the show so that you can barely hear it. If that helps but not enough, I want you to look at the remote in your hands again so that you become aware of another button on it that you had not noticed before. This button has the letter B on it. If you hit this button, you will notice that the television in front of you will actually start to move backwards. The wall behind it will actually open up and the tv will begin to move away from you so that it becomes harder and harder to see it as it gets further and further away.

If you keep hitting the B button, the television will actually go so far back that it will actually disappear from sight.

When you are done with this, open your eyes and return to your real world. Hopefully you will have learnt many things about yourself and hopefully you will be armed with ways in which you can help yourself and others so that what happened to you will never have to happen again.

If you find that you are still feeling all of the trauma and pain just like before, redo the above exercise. Return to the living room in your mind and use your remote control  to remove the color, the sound and finally to move the tv back and away from you until it disappears from your site.

The more that you do this, the more that you will find that painful past events will lose their hold and power over you.  I hope that this will help you to end any trauma that you might have, forever.