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The law of attraction movement seems to be growing, not dissipating. This is perhaps an indication of the times and of a new frontier in human consciousness. Most people are starting to take responsibility for their consciousness and for the thoughts that fill their heads.

The Law of attraction very basically states that all things that are alike tend to attract each other. This law can be seen at work in all things in life; whether it is subatomic particles, people or even stars. This law, as it concerns us human beings, is most evident in our conscious thought patterns. Like thoughts tend to attract each other. If we think of golf balls then we tend to think more and more of them as our consciousness tends to bring more and more like thoughts. Along with the ever increasing thoughts of golf, clubs, putting and different colored golf balls, our being does an amazing thing; it starts to focus our awareness and attention so that we start to reject some external data and become more aware of other external data.

Before long you not only think more and more about golf balls, you also start to actually see more and more golf balls in your objective reality. You see them in fields, left by some errant drive perhaps, you see them more in tv and you run into people that seem to have some story that relates to those little pesky balls. Now this is mostly the cause of a very interesting human phenomenon where personal consciousness can actually be manipulated to see what it wants to see. It’s not that there are more golf balls, it’s just that your consciousness is adjusting itself to filter out data that it doesn’t care about and to focus more on those things that are more relevant; you see what you focus on.

Now this is more than reason enough to begin to use the Law of Attraction. Essentially if you can manage to manage your thoughts and attention, you can begin to see what you want to see and to reject those things that you don’t. Definitely a great way to stay in a positive and happy mood for as long as you like, whenever you like. Actually NLP, for example, takes this for granted and its creators (John Grinder and Richard Bandler) generated a number of different techniques that can help you to pick and choose the thoughts that you want, and the intensity of those thoughts.

This actually has been studied by scientist and it’s a well-documented phenomenon. Those that truly believe in the Law of Attraction proper though, also believe that this is just the beginning of what is possible. With discipline, maintaining ones mental focus on the desired, one can go beyond just seeing what one wants to see. A person can actually begin to attract circumstances and things. True proponents of this great law take it for granted that thoughts are things and that thoughts are the creators of matter and not the other way around.

Using the golf ball example, a student of the great law would expect to actually increase the amount of golf balls that are present in their lives. This law would then explain why you would start running into others with golf ball or related stories. These contacts and synchronous events would put the golf ball mentalist in tune with circumstances where golf balls and the related would actually start increasing in his or her life. The belief is essentially that if this practitioner of the Law of Attraction were to successfully refocus his/her mind correctly, he/she would eventually find himself inundated with golf balls. He/she would eventually have to move out of his home and start a putting range or a golf ball museum 🙂

While the last line is somewhat in jest, the Law of Attraction and the power of the human mind is in no way a joke to the author. Look up ‘accidental collector’ in Google and you will see that an accidental collector is not such a farfetched thing at all!

It then is plane and obvious to any that understand the power of the human mind that thoughts are indeed a very powerful thing. And it is therefore of great importance that we all become more conscious of the thoughts that we are having and what we are focusing on.

BUT even though there are an incredible number of books out there on the Law of Attraction, and the power of the human mind; very, very few of those books speaks of the importance of EXTERNAL MENTAL INFLUNCES.

Whether you are interested in acquiring or maintaining a life free of negative energy or you are interested in using the Law of Attraction to increase your Wealth or Health, it behooves you to understand the power of external mental influences and how to manage them.

Some might argue that you don’t have to believe in telepathy and external mental influences to practice the Law of Attraction but that is sort of like saying that you can believe in fish but you don’t have to believe in water. If you believe that thoughts are things, that thoughts have electromagnetic properties that attract thoughts of similar properties, and that thoughts of enough intensity can become ‘real’ things in 3dimensinal reality, then it is a given that these thoughts can affect human consciousness.

Perhaps in the future I will write an article on how you can prove, to yourself at least, the reality of telepathy and external mental influences. For now I want you to just realize that many of those courses, books, and seminars on the Law of Attraction that you have participated in, are half finished. What you need to know, something that is perhaps far more important than manifesting itself, is how to manage the often times chaotic external mental world.

Many readers find themselves plagued by negative energy of all sorts. They wonder why their minds are filled with so many negative thoughts. What they don’t realize is that many of these thoughts and energy are not internal but are in fact thoughts, emotions and ideas that are picked up from the people and places all around us.

This is the first of hopefully many articles that I will be writing on external metal influence. I first hope to make the reader aware of this mental environment and them to give him/her techniques that will allow those interested to control and manipulate this mental energy.


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