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Pretending is fun. It is a healthy mental activity and it actually makes us happier and healthier. Through daydreaming and pretending we are able to create a mental scape that can alter our mental focus and change our physical bodies. This physical change is possible because the body can act on vividly imagined thoughts as if they were real. Through vivid imagination therefore you can create mental images that can have an incredibly positive effect on your entire psyche and physical structure.

As kids we find it incredibly easy to pretend and dream about all sorts of things. As we grow up though we tend to become far too rigid in the way that we express ourselves consciously, we tend to think of pretending as being childish and therefore greatly limit are conscious ability. This is sad because the only reason why we stopped this incredibly powerful mental ability is because we allow the beliefs of our society to dictate how we will act, even in our subjective and highly personal lives.

The following exercise combines pretending with a little dreaming to create a fun game. This little game is a fine example of what you can do on your own to make your life more entertaining and happier. It takes your pretending and turns it into overdrive by combining good old-fashioned wishful thinking with some physical activities that make this daydreaming very powerful.

Write a letter to a made-up friend. Pretend that this letter is two years in the future and that you are describing your life to this friend because you have not seen him/her in a long time. This future life is your ideal life, and you must be as specific as possible because this is a good friend and you want to let them know how things have changed for you. On the letter tell your friend where you now live. Also tell your friends what you are doing now; tell them what your new job is or whether you are involved in something that you are deeply passionate about. Your friend will also want to know who you are with, who this person is and how wonderful they are. Your friend will of course want to know what your hobbies are and what your new interests have become. I am certain that they will be deeply interested in what your days are like and how you go about your life and this ideal future.

Now take this letter that you have written and print it out. What you will be doing is that you will be mailing this letter to yourself, you see you are this wonderful friend that you are writing to. Take this letter then and ‘snail mail’ it to yourself. When you get it back in the mail, open it and read it out loud to yourself in an enthusiastic and happy manner. This is a letter from your future self, telling you about what life is like for you in this wonderful and ideal future that, while probable, is still quite possible. Keep this letter around and read it to yourself every day for the next three months. If this is too long for you then read it for as long as you like, but the more that you read it to yourself the happier that it will make you feel and the more that it will be able to affect your future.

Try to be as specific as possible in your letter. This game has many wonderful benefits; by creating your ideal future you focus your mind in the direction of this probability and therefore make it possible for this probability to manifest itself physically. The game is a happy one and breaks consensual routine as to what grown-ups should be doing and is therefore a great way to expand your imagination and your mental possibilities. It is also a wonderful motivator to get you to physically move in the direction of your ideal future. Learn to pretend like this and to create your own fun games so that you are able to benefit from the incredibly powerful abilities of your imaginative mind.






  1. This is great! Just thinking about it is exciting! Thank you! Shall be doing it this weekend!

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