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Have you ever noticed that kids can have a good time anywhere, they don’t need very much really. As long as you let then go and don’t try to micromanage them, they will soon be lost in some wonderful mental adventure and the smiles are soon flowing.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something like that yourself? To be able to see the magic and the wonder in just about anything? This is perhaps childhoods greatest strength, but as we grow we tend to lose that ability; to freely imagine and dream.

Well you can get some of this wonderful mind back. I will show you a fun method to have fun all the time. A game that you can play that will allow your mind to soar for a little while, or however long you like, so that you can take a break from the heaviness of the adult life. I’ll take it easy here though since we adults are all pretty stiff. We are no longer the little elves that seem to see crazy adventures everywhere. But we can regain some of this lost power by learning how to free our minds and let them play.

To do this fun game, you should wait until you are alone somewhere, perhaps in a nice quite place, and you are somewhat relaxed. I KNOW, this sounds like some kind of exercise already. Sorry about that but the adult in us is all too uptight right now, so you need to take it easy and go slow. In time, if you are good at this game, you can see about doing this anywhere; the bus, work (?), anytime your mind screams, “I’m bored” or “ I’m sad”.

When you are relaxed in this nice quiet place, I want you to ask yourself; “What could I do right now that would make me feel awesome?” Now your adult mind will have plenty of trouble with this simple question at first, so relax into the moment and explore your feelings. What is it that you would love to do right now? Not later, not something that you think you have to do; what crazy or fun thing would you love to do right now, for yourself? Would you like to go skydiving? Perhaps you want to sit and relax on a hot beach in the tropics? Perhaps you would like to have a sword fight with Jack Sparrow?

You decide what you want to do. And it’s super easy to know whether you picked the right thing or not; it will make you feel great. Contemplate and find that thing that would make you feel fantastic if you were doing it right now. Don’t censor yourself, this is  your mind and no one needs to know what you are imagining, give yourself free reign, you are FREE!

Now imaginatively, in your mind’s eye, pretend that you are doing that thing that will make you feel awesome. Most people will have to close their eyes and sit down on something comfortable to relax. The BIG trick here is not to force anything, just focus on your desire and then let your mind bring up fun images on its own. If you are seeing negative things then you are trying too hard and you are taking this way too seriously. A child does not care whether this is real or if it will ever be real in the adult sense. A child does not try to make it be as real as possible in his mind, he just lets it happen, and the more desire that he has, the easier that the visualization is. So just relax and remember that it’s a game, no pressure. Let your emotions guide you in your visualization. It will never be static too long, you might start in a beach but might soon find that you decided that you would rather go sailing instead and then that it would be fun to join a band of pirates and go on a great adventure.

Visualization means seeing it in your mind. It doesn’t have to be all visual though; you might feel the wind in your face, hear the seagulls, taste the rum. See if eventually, without hardly trying at all, you can use all your senses in your fun game. The trick again is not to try so hard but to just remember that this is a fun game.

You often see kids shaking their hands about, jumping around, or suddenly taking off in a flurry up the stairs. That is for the advanced practitioners. For now just take it easy and do this in a quiet relaxing atmosphere while you are sitting or relaxing somehow. Eventually you will be able to imagine all this with your eyes open; images playing like fantastic tapestries before your eyes. On a bus or a public place no one will know what you are up to, aside from the fun grin on your face. Eventually you might want to jump about and have fun like a kid. I highly recommend it! Just make sure your alone, grown-ups are really stiff and they might just send you to the funny farm.

This fun game is incredibly beneficial. It does the obvious of getting you in a better mood, but it has also the ability to truly change your being. It will increase your metabolism and create a better mental state. It will also create hope and beauty in your life. It will ‘compel’ you to a better place and a better life.






  1. You can make this as real as reality, your brain does not know the difference between the imagined and the real. My visualizations have become so real that I will experience real world effects. The more sense you use the more real it becomes. Very much like virtual reality, only better!

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