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The Future is a Paradox  

Looking around the world, it is easy to get lost in fear. Natural and man-made disasters seem to be happening everywhere. The local and international news does not let us forget about how close we all are from world oblivion.

Perhaps someone should let these agencies know that all of this is old news. I for one would really like to start hearing something different. If you think that I am being glib, perhaps you should ask your grandparent or great-grandparent (if you are lucky) about it. Your grandparents will be happy to tell you that when they were young, news was just a slightly modified version of what is being presented now.

Back in the good old days; ‘The Great War’ to end all wars (WW I) was going to end the world. The ‘Dirty Thirties’ was the decade of the greatest recession in the history of the United States. This depression made the current one look like nothing; people were committing suicides all over the place, and thousands of people travelled all over the country looking for work.
The great ’Dust Bowl’ was in full swing in the Southern United States. Imagine being in there in 1935 when ‘Black Sunday’ turned your entire world into night. Imagine being in one of the hardest hit states, seeing your entire world in economic ruin then looking up to see a giant wall of dust heading straight for you. Your only real source of information is some little radio as the entire world goes black during mid day. Certainly the world must have seemed like it was going to end that day.
Soon after WW II hit and everyone knew that the end was near. Europe was completely devastated. Fascism was the new cool, and millions died.
The world nearly ended in 1962 with the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ and the Russians nearly blew away China in ‘69 (look it up if you don’t believe me). The list goes on I’m afraid.

Yet through all of this, people kept on doing what they always do; survive and prosper. Within this hell there was also joy and laughter. Some people in the world were completely untouched by all this craziness, some actually didn’t even hear about any of it!

Things will always be what they have always been; sometimes almost beyond tolerance and at other times full of joy, love, and happiness. The future can be a source of fear and the past can cause anger and regret. But every moment holds within it unimaginable potential.

When things get to be a bit too much to take:
Try and find the joy in this infinite moment. Forget about the future and the past. Also do yourself a favor and turn off the news for a while.








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