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We are all the subject of changing moods. Sometimes we feel happy, other times sad, there are even times that we just feel indifferent towards everything. External circumstance also play a huge role in how we feel at any particular moment.

While I am not saying that you should feet happy all the time, if you can help it, I think that we would all rather be in a better mood. This can be difficult because generally speaking we are all so moody. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to get into a better mood, or at least be able to stop a nasty mood altogether so that we could begin to exercise better thoughts and feelings?

Here is a technique that you can use to change your mood very quickly. It will allow you to get over that terrible hurdle that we sometimes experience where gloom and doom just seem to overpower our very being. This is so simple that you are going to love it;

Next time that you find yourself in a mood that is not to your liking, look up!
Its that simple really. The act of looking up has an amazing effect on our physiological structure:


  • First it changes our posture which changes your feelings and thoughts instantly. If you are looking down then you are most likely hunched over which is a depressive body posture. By looking up you change that posture and therefore change your mood.
  • Looking up changes your focus of attention. Looking down at the ground tends to ground us and give us a feeling of being stuck where we are. The ground, depending on where you live, tends to be full of dirt and discarded things. Looking up allows you to see the sky, the sun, the clouds and the beauty of the heavens. It gives you a sense of infinite freedom and possibilities.
  • Looking up means that you have to roll your eyes up, which has the amazing ability of triggering the production of Alpha waves in the brain. These Alpha waves will relax you and break up any tenseness that you might feel.
  • Looking up puts a slight tension on your face that forces you to put on a slight Mona Lisa smile. Smiling is good. It is a powerful way to change your mood and to get you happy.

To do this properly you want to look up for a good fifteen seconds or longer. Now do be careful if you are walking down the street, that you are careful where you are walking. I don’t want you to trip on something or fall into an open manhole. The idea though is to look for a good long time in order to allow your body to trigger these wonderful physiological effects.
Afterwards you will want to try to keep looking up at regular intervals. Try to change your focus, see if you can catch yourself wanting to walk around with your head to the ground. When you do, make the conscious effort to raise your head and look up again.

It will take some training on yourself at first to remind yourself to look up but if you persist you will see that you will catch yourself more and more often. Before long you will have developed the habit of looking up on a regular basis.

Let’s recap; you will want to look up for at least fifteen seconds when you catch yourself in a bad mood. This will break the power of this mood and will instantly change your bodies physiology. This will create an instant positive trend that you will want to continue by remembering to look up more than you look down. With experience and minimal effort you will be able to condition yourself to look up most of the time. This will change your mood and make you happier.

P.S. Just remember to look down sometimes so that you know where you are walking!





  1. Fabulous! I heard about a similar technique to get into a better mood: Stand up, straight and tall, and stretch your arms as high overhead, at a 45 degree angle, as you can; it is a Power Posture, and hold it and stretch for at least 10 seconds; it causes endorphins to be released into the bloodstream, and that will certainly improve your mood!

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